Cycling Holidays in Europe

Away from the typical cycle paths, you will find beautiful regions that you can explore on your bike. Travelling by bike means you can go at your own pace and get to know the countryside and the culture.

In spring, typical holiday destinations are in southern Europe. Spain or Italy are already pleasantly warm in March and April, while the winter still lingers in Germany. A cycling holiday in the spring is not just a pleasant activity because of the mild, and not too hot temperatures: the most popular cycling holidays are often not quite so busy compared to the peak season.

In May and June, the warm weather has reached France, the Netherlands and Poland. Another classic among the European cycling holidays is the Loire cycle path in France. You cycle from one romantic castle to the next. These magnificent buildings seem to compete for the most towers and peaks. The Netherlands, with its many channels, is a pure joy for bike & boat travellers.

In the summer, when it's too warm in Spain for a cycling holiday, the time has come to go to Scandinavia, the UK or the Alps. A cycling holiday in South Tyrol is also great from early spring through to the autumn.

When autumn comes to Central Europe and the leaves on the trees are turning colour, bikers will experience great conditions in the south of Europe - in Italy, for example, or by bike & boat around the islands off the coast of Croatia. Another advantage in comparison to a cycling holiday in the spring: The temperature of the Mediterranean is still pleasant in the autumn - thanks to their long summers.

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