Cycling Holidays in Europe

The classic cycle tour in Europe is certainly the Danube Cycle Path from Passau to Vienna. This popular tour is available in several versions. So everyone can find just the right cycle tour. Either you cycle from Passau to Vienna along the Danube. Your luggage will be waiting for you at your next hotel. Or you can let your hotel and your luggage accompany you on the water. On the bike, you always choose the most beautiful sections. Traveling by bike and boat from Passau to Vienna is one of the most popular tours among cycle tours throughout Europe! This bike and boat trip takes different routes, so you can easily include a detour to the magnificent Budapest.

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But you can also find fantastic regions away from the usual cycle routes that you can get to know at your own pace by bike. Because only on a bike can you travel at your own pace and get to know the landscape and culture as if by magic.

In spring, the usual destinations for a cycle tour are of course in southern Europe. After all, it is already pleasantly warm in Spain or Italy in March and April, while winter in Germany is still not quite ready to say goodbye. A cycle tour in spring is not only a pleasure due to the already mild, but not yet too hot temperatures: the most popular cycle tour destinations are usually not as crowded as in the high season.

In May and June, the warm weather also arrives in France, the Netherlands and Poland at the latest. Another classic cycle tour in Europe is the Loire Cycle Route in France. You cycle from one romantic castle to the next. The magnificent buildings with their turrets and battlements almost seem to want to outdo each other. Holland, with its many canals, is a real delight for bike and boat travelers.

In summer, when it's too warm for cycling vacations in Spain, it's time to head to Sweden, Denmark, England or the Alps. The Masuria also shows its magical side during these months. South Tyrol beckons with pleasant cycling conditions and impressive peaks. The Three Peaks greet you on your bike as you cycle past.

When autumn finally arrives in Central Europe and the trees change color, cyclists will find great conditions in the south of Europe - be it in Italy or to get to know the islands of Croatia by bike & boat. Another advantage compared to a cycle tour in spring: the water temperature in the Mediterranean is still suitable for swimming in the fall thanks to the long summer!

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