Island-Hopping Cruise in Croatia

Island Hopping Cruise in Croatia

Leisure cruise in North Dalmatia

 Zadar – Šibenik – Nin – Zadar

  • Islands of Ugljan, Pašman, Murter, Zlarin and Vir
  • Bathing, Culture and Krka National Park!
  • Daily routes ●○○○○
  • Altitude profile ●○○○○
  • Leisure cruise: MS Carpe Diem


km / day avg.

Welcome to a wonderful island hopping cruise in Croatia! In the next week you can look forward to a unique trip – not a classic boat and bike holiday, but also not a traditional cruise. You will sail to Croatia’s most beautiful towns, islands, and waterfalls on a romantic motorsailer. When your boat is moored, you can cycle, hike, take part in a guided city tour or simply stay on board.  You’ll have great freedom on this tour, all activities are optional - nothing's a must. You will have plenty of time for breaks, when you can go for a dip in the crystal-clear water of the Adriatic, which is at its most beautiful on the Croatian coast. This beach holiday and cruise is ideal for anyone who wants to spend their holiday both at the beach and on their bike. The bike tours on the islands are short, but countless city tours and entrance fees for museums and national parks are already included. Island hopping in Croatia is a holiday for true pleasure seekers!

Islandhopping Croatia
  • Booking code
  • Start / Destination
  • Duration
    8 days, 7 nights
  • Length
    approx. 40 km
    Daily routes ●○○○○
    10 km each
    Altitude profile ●○○○○

Your cruiser: MS Carpe Diem

The MS Carpe Diem is a new ship. The Skarica family commissioned her in 2015 and after one year of construction, she has sailed the Adriatic since spring 2016 under the command of Roko and Jure Skarica. The boat even has a bicycle garage, so bikes can be easily be stored on board. The upper deck offers lots of space to soak up the sun or look at the glittering stars at night.

MS Carpe Diem
MS Carpe Diem
MS Dalmatino in Croatia

Day 1: Individual arrival in Zadar, Zadar – Pašman island (by boat)
Welcome drink, swimming break, short bike tour approx. 10 km

You will be expected in the old harbour town of Zadar between 11.30 and 13.00 to start your island-hopping holiday in Croatia. As you get to know your fellow travellers and the crew, your boat will set sail and leave the port. 

Soon you can enjoy the first of many swimming breaks. Jump from the boat directly into the crystal-clear water – a wonderful start for your holiday! Then you will sail further to the island of Ugljan. You land in Preko and hop on your bike. During the short bike tour to Kukljica you will get an impression of the landscape. In Kukljica the boat will wait for you and take you to Pašman on Pašman island.

Between Rab and Krk Islands

Day 2: Pašman island – Murter island – Vodice (by boat)
Bike tour approx. 10 km, museum visit, olive oil tasting (not incl.) and swimming break

Your day starts with the crossing to Murter island. Starting in Podvrške bay you cycle to Betina. The small village is a hub of traditional wooden ship building. You will gain an insight into the secrets of the trade at the local museum. On the way back to the boat you can take part in an olive oil tasting wtih cheese, ham and wine (not included). After lunch on board there will be a break at the picturesque Tijašćica bay. After diving into the water countless times and swimming a few lengths, your journey continues to Vodice on the mainland. Let yourself be enchanted by the countless stars in the dark sky!

MS Carpe Diem in Skradin

Day 3: Vodice – Skradin (by boat)
City tour, walk, swimming break and cappuccino 

Your ship leaves Vodice in the morning and your captain takes you to the estuary of the river Krka. Your first stop is in Šibenik. After an exciting city tour, you will stroll to the fortress above the city. From there you will have an amazing view of the bay, which naturally protects Šibenik from the waves of the Adriatic and unwelcome intruders. Just the perfect place to enjoy a cappuccino. 

You’ll return to your boat and set course for Skradin. On the way you have the chance to dip into the water once more. The small town of Skradin is located close to the famous Krka waterfalls. You can explore the town on an evening stroll.

Waterfalls in Krka National Park

Day 4: Skradin – Zlarin island (by boat)
Bike tour approx. 10 km, visit of the Krka water falls, swimming break and fortress island

Today you can look forward to the highlight of your journey: The famous Krka waterfalls. You’ll cover the short distance from Skradin to the national park on your bike. After only 5 kilometres this unique landscape expands in front of you like a painting. Over a stretch of 800 metres the water drops almost 50 metres down 17 waterfalls.

Back on the boat you will once again set course for the harbour of Šibenik. A short walk will take you to the small fortress island of Sveti Nikola. Then you will once again sail out to the Mediterranean. There will be a refreshing swimming break on your way to the island of Zlarin, which is also known as the ‘coral island’. At the harbour you can find the island museum, which hosts a fascinating coral collection.

Between Dugi Otok and Pag islands

Day 5: Zlarin island – Telašćica (by boat)
Kornati National Park, walk, swimming break and Nature Park

An island for every day of the year – this is a typical description for the Kornati National Park, which comprises countless islands and reefs of varying sizes. You will first sail across the length of the National Park and enjoy a beautiful view of this unique landscape. After a swimming break you will moor at the island of Levrnaka and explore the island on foot. Today's destination is the island of Dugi Otok in the Telašćica Nature Park. Let the evening come to a relaxing close at the Captain’s Dinner.

Swimming break on MS Dalmatino, Croatia

Day 6: Telašćica – Vir island (by boat)
Walk, cliff and swimming break 

After breakfast you explore Telašćica Nature Park on a walk. The Mir Lake in the park is only separated from the sea by a 160 metre high cliff. The view from the cliff is stunning! Back on your ship you will enjoy pure beach bliss: Swim, float, splash and relax in this picturesque bay. Through turquoise water you hop over to Vir island.

Zadar Old Town

Day 7: Vir island – Zadar (by boat)
Bike tour approx. 10 km, visit of a saline and swimming break

The day starts with a cruise to Zaton, which is located on the mainland just north of Zadar. There you hop on your bike for the last time on your island hopping cruise in Croatia. A short tour brings you to the small town of Nin. The church there is known as "the world's smalles cathedral". After an informative visit to the saline you cycle back to your ship. 

After lunch on board you will set sail for Zadar. Once again there will be time for a swimming break. Enjoy the clear water one last time, as your beach holiday and cruise comes to an end tomorrow. A city tour in Zadar will reveal more about the old harbour city, which is separated from the mainland by a moat. You should definitely visit the sea organ at the harbour - it is worth seeing and especially listening to.

MS Carpe Diem, island hopping in Croatia

Day 8: Individual departure

Unfortunately today your island-hopping holiday in Croatia comes to an end. Disembarkation takes place before 09.00 o’clock. 

Be sure to take some souvenir photos of your ship in the harbour, before you return home.