Cycling holidays at the Baltic Sea

Cycle tours on the Baltic Sea
Ahlbeck seaside spa on the island of Usedom

1000 km of routes along the coast are reason enough for several cycling holidays on the Baltic coast. On the long stretches of coastline from Flensburg to Usedom, the cycling holidays in Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern will meet almost every holiday wish. Sun, sand, and sea, the surprisingly hilly hinterland, a spontaneous mini break, or a longer bike tour – the cycling holidays on the Baltic coast are so different – like the scenery along the coast.

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On a cycling holiday from Flensburg to Lübeck you will get to know the coastline in Schleswig-Holstein, the lovely people who live here and the Hanseatic traditions. Fine sandy beaches, expansive dunes and classic spa architecture await you in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern between Lübeck and Stralsund. Stralsund is also known as the gateway to Rügen. Explore not only Rügen, but also Usedom and the Szczecin Lagoon on the cycle tour on Rügen and Usedom, which takes you all the way to the east of the German Baltic coast. If you choose one of our three bestselling cycle tours on the Baltic Sea, you can be sure: These tours have been tried and tested and have been found to be excellent by many guests!

On our sporty cycle tour from Lübeck to Stralsund, you will experience the beauty of the Baltic Sea coast over 550 km. Cycle past dunes and classicist spa architecture, enjoy views of the Baltic Sea, the steep cliffs of Rügen and historic Hanseatic towns.

Families with children as well as friends of the beach and sea will find their cycling holidays on the Baltic Sea between Lübeck and Rostock or on the island of Rügen. With plenty of time for swimming, these cycling holidays are all about one thing: Relaxation. Some great experiences await not only your children but you too: a trip in the historic bather's train Molli or a visit to the mysterious ghost forest in Nienhagen.

If you think you've already seen everything from Kiel Fjord to the chalk cliffs on Rügen, there are still a few insider tips among the cycle tours on the Baltic Sea. The Holstein Switzerland is a circular tour from Lübeck through the hinterland of the Baltic Sea: You visit Eutin and Plön Lake and you'll see that Holstein's Switzerland is appropriately named. This hilly tour has surprised even quite a few South Germans.

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