Cycling holidays in the North of Germany

Cycling holidays in the north of Germany

Moin moin is what they say here, up in the North of Germany. We tend to associate things like sandy beaches, the tides, as well as rainy and windy weather when we think of North Germany. Far from it. You'll be surprised by the variety between Emsland, Weserbergland, Müritz, and the Baltic coast compared to the North coast. Old Hanseatic towns tell of their prime, lighthouses of stormy seas, the Little Lake is simply pretty, while the River Elbe takes on its final spurt into the North Sea. And along the River Weser, you'll see small towns and villages full of timber-framed houses. Your constant companion - the wind. In the summer you'll be grateful for the fresh cool of the wind, like a dip into the waves.

Whichever coast, island, or part of the country you go for, Germany's North will inspire you. And fish just tastes so much better at the coast!

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Schleswig-Holstein is ideal for people who want more sea. If you cycle around Schleswig-Holstein you'll experience all kinds of sights between the North and the Baltic Sea and on their coastlines. The tides at the sea are incredible. And you'll love the varied Baltic coastline between Flensburg and Lübeck. The charming hinterland, behind the coastline, is just as pretty as the North Frisian islands of Amrum, Föhr or Sylt. Worthwhile tours of the town are available in Flensburg, Kiel, Lübeck and Husum.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern invites you to get to know its miles and miles of sandy beaches along the Baltic Coast, not to forget its piers and cliffs. Hanseatic towns such as Wismar or Stralsund set new accents with their old brick facades. Not far from the coast is the Mecklenburg Lake District with numerous lakes, forests, and moorscapes. The Müritz, Germany's second-biggest lake, radiates its own particular flair. Countless castles and estates shape the landscape here in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and make it special.

Extensive, fine sandy beaches and varied coastal sections shape the scenery here on the Baltic Sea. From Flensburg to the island of Usedom you'll find traditional seaside resorts, pretty islands, dune landscapes, and time-honored Hanseatic towns. These landmarks, so typical of the Baltic coast, are an ideal basis for a relaxing cycling holiday.

On the North Sea coast, on a Low German beach... the feel of the North Sea coast is somewhat rougher than the Baltic. With the heaving tides in the background, the North Sea radiates its very own charm. Between the mouth of the River Ems and the Danish border the lighthouses, salt meadows and long stretches of beach combine to create the Frisian composure: in the midst of the stormiest seas, the people here always keep their heads!

The local "Heidschnuck" sheep in the Lüneburger Heide, hilly Weserbergland, the orchards in Altes Land, and the east Frisian islands – full of character: Lower Saxony has a lot to offer. For you as a cyclist, this interplay of the various different landscapes is ideal. Explore towns full of timber-framed houses along the Weser, the moorscape along the Ems and pedal down kilometres of avenues.

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