Holland Island Hopping by Bike and Under Canvas

Island Hopping in Holland

The West Frisian Wadden Sea by bike and under Canvas

 Enkhuizen – Texel Island – Enkhuizen

  • The Westfrisian islands Texel and Terschelling, sailing day in the mud flat
  • Daily routes ●●○○○
  • Altitude profile ●○○○○
  • Full board!
  • Bike & Sail: Leafde, Wapen or Mare fan Fryslân


km / day avg.

Cast off the ropes and set sail in Holland – it's time to go island hopping! You will be sailing across Lake Yssel to the Dutch North Sea islands on a magnificent sailing boat. You will drop anchor in old traditional trading towns that used to welcome boats and people from all over the world. And you will go ashore to explore the area by bike. But the water is never far. And there's always enough time for a quick dip, should you feel the urge! Look forward to orchids that grow in the wild on Texel island, the fascination of the tides in the shallows, century-old lighthouses and windmills both large and small! In the evening you return to your majestic three-masted schooner. Island-hopping in Holland is the romance of the sea-farer and bike tours through fantastic scenery.

Holland: Island Hopping by Bike and Under Canvas
  • Booking codes
    Leafde fan Fryslân – NL-NHSWL-08I
    Mare fan Fryslân – NL-NHSWM-08I
    Wapen fan Fryslân – NL-NHSWW-08I
  • Start / Destination
  • Duration
    8 days, 7 nights
  • Length
    approx. 230 km
    Daily routes ●●○○○
    between 25 and 60 km, Ø 50 km
    Altitude profile ●○○○○

The three-masted schooners Leafde, Wapen and Mare fan Fryslân

Leafde fan Fryslân: 2018, the boat sets sail for the first time for Bike & Sail tours. A maximum of 25 guests can be accommodated on the imposing three-masted barquentine. A restaurant, once decorated in a nautical style, an old ship bar and of course comfortably fitted cabins. In the wheelhouse is a beautiful sitting area from which you have wonderful views of the sea. On the deck you'll find sufficient sitting and a whirlpool for relaxing at the end of days spent in the saddle.

Wapen fan Fryslân: This stately, former freight ship, Wapen fan Fryslân is a twin mast schooner right out of a picture book: 55 m long and with a sail spanning 550 m² it is the biggest in The Netherlands. Erik van Aken is the experienced skipper who will accompany you on this exciting tour. He likes to see his guests giving a hand on deck. Relaxation can be found in the whirlpool on deck.

Mare fan Fryslân: The impressive three-masted schooner has been converted to an extravagant sailing cruiser. Driven by the wind, following the shifting of the tides, you sail across the IJsselmeer and into the North Sea. If you like, your skipper will show you how to hoist the white sail. If you prefer relaxing to rolling up your sleeves, step into the whirlpool, enjoy the fresh sea breeze on the large deck and find a pleasant seat and pick up your book for a read in the wood-panelled saloon.

Wapen fan Fryslan

Wapen fan Frylsan

© Colette Raaijmakers

Mare fan Fryslan

Mare fan Fryslan

Leafde Fan Fryslan

Leafde Fan Fryslan

Day 1: Individual arrival in Enkhuizen

The starting point is Enkhuizen, a time-honoured harbour town. Back when Dutch ships controlled most of the trade in Southeast Asia, one of the headquarters of the company was located here. Today the harbour is a popular tourist destination due to its excellent location at the Ijsselmeer. The historic centre attests to the town’s golden age in the 16th century.

Day 2: Enkhuizen – Medemblik – Den Oever, approx. 25 - 40 km, Den Oever – Texel Island (by boat)

Today you will cycle along the old Zuiderzee dike to Medemblik, the oldest West Frisian town. Here you can explore historic houses, street cafés or Castle Radboud, before cycling to Den Oever. The village has a small, cosy fishing harbour. Depending on the weather you will already sail across the Wadden See to the island of Texel toady. Travelling through the locks into the North Sea is a great experience!

Day 3: Round trip on Texel Island, up to 40 km

Texel – that´s pure relaxation in striking natural surroundings. The fascinating dune landscape of the national park evolved during several centuries. One example is the biodiversity of the bird life and millions of wild orchids. Dream-like beaches encourage visitors to go for a swim in the refreshing seawater, picturesque villages with cosy cafés and restaurants invite you to linger.

Day 4: Texel – Terschelling, sailing day

You will spend today on the Wapen fan Fryslân and enjoy the West Frisian Wattenmeer on a say of sailing. Relax on desk before arriving to the island of Terschelling. This island is also known as Amsterdam of the Wattenmeer and offers visitors countless photo opportunities with its pretty villages.

Day 5: Round trip on Terschelling Island, up to 40 km, Terschelling Island – Harlingen (by boat)

Along the 70 km long cycle route, the long island of Terschelling offers amazing views of the Wattenmeer, dunes and beaches which stretch almost along the entire northern coast of the island. Terschelling-West is the largest town on the island with many countless shops and pubs. The 400 year old lighthouse Brandaris, the symbol of the island can be seen in the distance. In the late afternoon you are sailing to Harlingen.

Day 6: Harlingen – Franeker – Makkum, approx. 50 / 60 km

The province of Friesland is proud of itself. Not just the language and its history but also the countryside makes it different to the rest of the country. The locals agree: In Friesland you can expect to see The Netherlands most beautiful province. On your bike you pedal from Harlingen, a lively harbour town through the expansive countryside to Makkum. In this popular holiday resort, with a generous beach promenade look forward to your majestic sailing boat. If you fancy a longer tour, you can cycle to Bolsward. The Frisian town grew out of a shipyard.

Day 7: Makkum – Stavoren, approx. 30 / 50 km, Stavoren – Enkhuizen (by boat)

After spending the night in Makkum harbour, you hop on to your bike for the last time: the tour to Stavoren first takes you to the small town of Hindeloopen. With not even as many as 1000 inhabitants, it still counts as one of the eleven Frisian towns. Honourable old captain's houses tell stories of the boom times of the Dutch trading colonies. Next you get to choose: you can either take the direct route along the coast to Stavoren or try a detour to the Frisian lakes. In Stavoren, the sails are hoisted again - your destination is Enkhuizen.

Day 8: Individual departure

After breakfast your Holland island hopping cruise unfortunately comes to a close. You will disembark from the boat and begin your return journey home.