Cycling holidays in the West of Germany

Cycling tours in the west of Germany

In the West of Germany, you'll find everything a cyclist needs. And it's the variety that makes the difference. The flat plains and impressive mountain ranges, little lakes and large rivers, rustic moorland and extinct volcanoes, Roman settlements and Imperial castles, major cities and charming Medieval towns plus wine enjoyment and a pleasant tea culture. Are we promising too much?

Cycle in Lower Saxony along the North Sea coast to the East Frisian islands or watch the local Heidschnucken sheep on Lüneburg Heath. Experience North Rhine-Westphalia's hospitality along the Middle Rhine and in Münsterland. Because of Hessen's varied landscape you just have to go! And Rhineland-Palatinate scores with the Mosel sprinkled with lovely vineyards and castles. Small but! Saarland! Take a seat at the table for a plate of Dibbelabbes and Viez!

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Between the Harz's highest point and East Frisia we counted almost one thousand metres of altitude. And a lot of Lower Saxony. The varied landscape means that Lower Saxony offers its visitors a change at every corner and behind every dike. Rich in rivers, but the Ems, Hase and Weser score particularly in terms of cycling. At the North Sea, including the East Frisian islands, your hearts will beat that much faster if you enjoy the wild free spirit of the sea. Don't forget the tides - a phenomena that advances and retires in a 12-hour rhythm. Somewhat more contemplative, but no less interesting is Lüneburg Heath, the Alte Land, the Fen area and the countryside along the Elbe and Hase rivers

Next door, in North Rhine-Westphalia, lovely sections of the Rhine are perfect for a cycle tour. Especially the Middle Rhine! The mixture of castles shrouded in legend and the industrial shaped countryside provides new impressions for cyclists. Not to forget, the cathedral town of Cologne and Bonn - one of the oldest towns in Germany. Münsterland provides a different picture. Along the Pättkes, outside of Münster, is the slightly hilly Münsterland with its park grounds, forests and castles. The cyclists' town of Münster is not only known for its extensive network of cycle paths, but the stately homes and many churches know how to impress.

One of the best things in Hesse for cyclists are the cycle paths along the Lahn, Fulda, Werra and Main rivers. Between Taunus, Spessart, Rhöne and Knüll - Hessen invites you enjoy and get to know the cycle paths, culture and countryside here. The Lahn winds its way through fairy-tale-like countryside from Siegerland to where it joins the Rhine. Crazy rocks, thick forest and cheerful Medieval towns line the Fulda river. On the Werra look forward to mountain panoramas and residential cities. Where the Fulda and Werra meet in the north of Hessen is known as the kiss! In South Hessen, the Main river flows through the Rhine-Main area and combines urban flair with Hessen' hospitality. The Upper and Middle Rhine takes a south-westerly course. Explore the Rheingau as well as Hessen's capital, Wiesbaden.

Rhine, Mosel and Lahn. Three mighty rivers. Together with the Westerwald mountain range, Palatinate Forest, Hunsrück and Eifel mountain ranges, they shape and vitalize the Rhineland-Palatinate's landscape. The Rhine, especially the area around the Middle Rhine, is particularly interesting because of the many forts, castles and vineyards here. The Mosel winds its way between the Eifel adn Hunsrück mountains. Passing the remains of Roman settlements, forts, royal castles and small wine-making villages, in Koblenz it meets the Rhine. Not far away, the Lahn also meets the Rhine. In the north of Rheinland-Palatinate, is the expansive range of the Eifel mountains, including extinct volcanoes. In the south, along the German Wine Route, wine-lovers will find one or two different types of wine to taste!

Thanks to its proximity to France and its history, Saarland radiates its very own charm. Historic buildings and diverse countryside is what you'll find along the Saar. The Saar Bow, at Mettlach, the Völkinger Hütte or the castle caves at Homburg are all great sights, as is a town tour of Saarbrücken. The Saar metropolis offers its visitors sights from a variety of centuries.

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