Cycling holidays on the British Isles

Cycling tours in the British Isles
Cathedral of St Davids in Pembrokeshire, Wales

Cycle tours in the British Isles are many things, but not boring. Whether by bike or by bike and boat - get to know the British Isles the way you like! Cycle along the Scottish Borders, let the wind of the North Sea blow around your nose, and discover a piece of the colorful history of this sublime landscape here and there. Imposing mountains and mystical lochs can be found in the Scottish Highlands. Visit the Isle of Mull and one of the most fascinating waterways in Europe - the Caledonian Canal - on a bike and boat trip with the Flying Dutchman. For something a little more sedate, cycle from London to the county of Suffolk. Charming villages, medieval towns, and the delightful North Sea coast invite you to consciously slow down.

Our cycle tours on the British Isles are also varied at the table. Although Scotland, England, and Wales are all on the same island, different cuisines have emerged over the last few centuries. While you will find porridge, haggis, and shortbread on the menu in Scotland, the English enjoy lamb with mint sauce, Sunday Roast, and Eton Mess. On the other hand, the Welsh swear by their national vegetable, the leek, and Welsh Cakes. On the island of Ireland, Irish Stew and the Colcannon are considered specialties. Throughout the British Isles, ale is the preferred beer type. Top-fermented and unhopped. Another classic: whisky! Don't just drink it, watch it being made in a distillery.


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Your journey to the Scottish Borders begins in the most northerly town in England - Berwick-upon-Tweed. Cycle to Lindisfarne, also known as Holy Island. The once contested border region between England and Scotland is now home to Lindisfarne Castle, which dates back to the 16th century. Following the River Tweed inland, you cycle to dreamy Kelso and visit the imposing ruins of the monastery in Melrose. In Jedburgh, try Jethart Snails, a mint-flavored sweet pastry, and visit the Abbotsford estate, which was built and lived in by the world-famous Scottish writer Sir Walter Scott.


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