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Bonjour et bienvenue en France! Welcome to France, welcome to a country that is second to none. In France, culture, almost inexhaustible historical treasures, and unique landscapes vie for your attention. Experience the famous savoir-vivre - knowing how to live - up close on a cycling holiday in France. Discover a country full of contrasts. Experience the cliffs of Normandy, the castles of Alsace, the countless châteaux along the Loire, the centuries-old wine-growing tradition of Burgundy, the lavender fields of Provence, and the Seine metropolis of Paris. There is also plenty to discover by bike & boat in France.

Your cycling holiday will be garnished by French cuisine and winemaking: wines that are praised all over the world, excellent food and, last but not least, sparkling champagne have their home in France. As a lover of fine wines, you will experience truly pleasurable hours on a cycling holiday in France. A glass of wine goes well with a good piece of cheese. Over 1000 varieties are produced in France. Try a Camembert au Calvados from Normandy, a Munster cheese from Alsace, or a Banon from Provence. As there is not just one cuisine in France, you have various regional cuisines to choose from. Try a rich bouillabaisse, a hearty bœuf bourguignon or a savoury tarte alsacienne. France is a country of gourmets. Enjoy it!

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Historic treasures, varied landscapes, picturesque beaches, and steep cliffs - a hearty salute from the north-west of France! Cycle from the most magnificent palace complex in Europe in Versailles to the imposing Mont-Saint-Michel on the Norman coast. Explore Chartres Cathedral before crossing the hedgerow-fringed meadows of the Perche hills. In Bagnoles-de-l'Orne, famous for its Belle Époque architecture, you can enjoy relaxing moments in one of the many thermal baths. On the rugged Atlantic coast, you will encounter the tidal flats. Get to know Normandy as a region that is bursting with variety and charm and also knows how to impress with its excellent cuisine.

Further east, Alsace welcomes you. Due to its eventful history, sometimes belonging to France, and sometimes to Germany, Alsace is known today for its unique cultural mix. Between the Vosges Mountains and the Rhine, you will find endless vineyards along the Alsace Wine Route on a cycle tour in Alsace. Half-timbered villages, stork nests and castles worth discovering line your route. Typical Alsatian towns such as Strasbourg and Colmar bring medieval history to life. Treat yourself to a glass of wine in one of the cozy winstubs and a tarte flambée topped with onions, bacon and sour cream - a piece of Alsace for the palate!

Located in the heart of France, Burgundy takes you on a culinary journey through one of the country's most diverse regions. Gnarled, heavy-rooted vines grow close together and produce the finest wines. The world-famous Dijon mustard, escargots á la bourguignonne and Charolais beef will delight any gourmet. The eye can also feast on the evidence of a rich history. The monasteries of Cluny and Fontenay are just as enchanting as Dijon, the capital of Burgundy.

On one of the last wild rivers in France, the Loire is home to hundreds of fairytale castles and châteaux. From the Middle Ages onwards, magnificent buildings reflecting the history of France were built along the River of Kings. The rural charm of the fertile Loire Valley creates the perfect contrast to the opulent buildings. Follow in the footsteps of Joan of Arc in Orléans, cycle through the Garden of France near Tours and marvel at the tufa caves near Saumur.

France's most water-rich river, the Rhône, starts in Switzerland and makes its way almost 800 kilometers to the Mediterranean. On a cycle tour along the Rhône, you will cycle past mighty mountain peaks and sun-drenched vineyards. Look forward to your stage destination Lyon, the city of gastronomy. Sample Lyon's traditional cuisine in the Bouchons Lyonnais and treat yourself to a glass of red wine from the Beaujolais region.

France's south, on the other hand, awaits with purple lavender fields, white horses and sleepy villages. Whether along the Canal du Midi, in Provence or the Camargue, a cycle tour in the south of France is pure relaxation! Get to know the country and its people at your own pace. Cycle from Sète along the Canal du Midi to Toulouse. Marvel at the numerous locks and bridges along the canal. Don't miss out on the exceptional cultural heritage of the rosa red city of Toulouse. In Provence, forget about time as you stroll through the old town of Avignon or in the Camargue, where it is not unusual to come across flamingos or black bulls.

Paris - London (currently not bookable). From capital to capital. A completely different way, by bike! When you start in the Seine metropolis of Paris, you almost can't miss the city's landmarks. The Eiffel Tower beckons with a magnificent view over the city and the Champs-Élysée with a long walk. Until you reach the English Channel at Dieppe, you cycle through Parisian suburbs and the green meadows of Normandy.

Au revoir and à bientôt in France!

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