The most popular cycle routes

From the Baltic Sea Cycle Route to the Lake Constance Cycle Route

The most popular cycle paths

We have compiled all the important planning information for you under the various cycle routes: where the tours start and end, what you will experience along the way, and how you can arrive and depart relaxed. We have also included the special features of particular interest to cycle tourists: What condition the cycle paths are in, whether you will encounter many cars or other cycle tourists on your stages, and how the routes are signposted.

If you have never spent your vacation on a bike, our cycle routes are a good choice for your first cycle trip!

The right mix of cycling and culture will accompany you throughout your vacation. The routes are not too long and are pleasant to cycle. The routes are easy to find. You will hardly ever have to search for signs as you always follow the same cycle path.

Have fun on your next cycling vacation!

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The most popular long-distance cycle paths in Germany lead from the Baltic Sea Cycle Route in the north to the Lake Constance Cycle Route in the far south through picturesque landscapes. Whether you want to cycle along the Weser through Porta Westfalica or sample some fine wine on the Moselle - you will find inspiration for several cycling vacations on our cycle routes.

And as the rivers, lakes, and seashores along which the cycle routes often run do not respect national borders, you can easily get to know many countries on these tours. This is particularly true of the Danube Cycle Route, which leads through eight countries all the way to the Black Sea: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania.

If you think you've seen and experienced everything on your bike, then let us make sure you have: Among our bestselling cycle routes, you'll find one or two insider tips that will delight experienced cycle travelers just as much! Sporty cyclists and families with young cyclists or children will be just as enthusiastic about the bestseller cycle routes as culture enthusiasts in search of art and history or nature lovers whose quintessential vacation lies in the idyll and tranquillity of the countryside.

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