Cycling holidays in the south of Germany

Cycling tours in the south of Germany

A cycling holiday in the south of Germany - in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria - has a lot in store for you. The Upper Rhine Plain meets the Bavarian Forest. The Black Forest "Bollenhut" costume meets the Bavarian lederhose. Maultaschen pasta meets Weisswurst sausages. Fruity Lake Constance wines meet strong wheat beer. Modernity meets dreamlike Medieval towns. You're reading correctly! Germany's south has a LOT to offer in terms of variety! The traditional flair and the agricultural richness of both states invite you to come and enjoy!

Cycle from "Beer Franconia" to "Wine Franconia" along the Main and visit the castles and forts along the lazy Altmühl river. Cover almost all of Germany's south, along the Danube and around Lake Constance. Discover lesser-known river cycle paths along the Kocher and Jagst rivers. Climb the hills and mountains of the Black Forest and the Allgäu. Follow the course of the mighty river Rhine up north. And don't forget about the sun-spoiled vineyards along the Neckar and the foothills of the impressive Alps. There's a lot down south. In Germany!

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In Bavaria there's a lot to discover; true to the motto: the biggest German state = a lot of variety. In the towns, countryside and along the rivers. Along the Main River, lovers of beer and wine will be in paradise. The Main also connects the Upper Franconian Beer Franconia with the Lower Franconian Wine Franconia. Along the Altmühl you'll enjoy the particularly pleasant atmosphere of this river. Its unhurried flow will encourage you to shift down a gear or two. In contrast, the time-honored Danube picks up speed along the 350 km between Ulm and Passau. The Danube cycle path takes you through the lovely Danube water meadows and past bizarre chalk cliffs. Famous places such as Ingolstadt, Kelheim, and Regensburg line your path. Without wanting to steal the show from the impressive mountain panorama and the crystal clear lakes of the Allgäu and Upper Bavaria, the state capital, Munich, has much to offer in addition to these surroundings with its charm and flair. No matter if you're in Munich or any other place in Bavaria, sooner or later you'll inevitably enjoy a glass of the local wheat beer. Whichever tour in Bavaria you choose, underneath Bavaria's white-blue flag, a happy cycling holiday is guaranteed.   

But happy cycling is also a fact in Baden-Württemberg. There are all kinds of (cycle) paths to pedal along. One unbeatable classic tour in the south of the country is the cycle path around Lake Constance. Germany's biggest lake invites you to more than just your swimming pleasure. The lake will win you over with its Mediterranean flair, impressive Alpine panorama, and a whole host of leisure activities. The High and Upper Rhine are just as good as cycling along the Neckar. This takes you right through the state. And makes the heart of every wine connoisseur beat a little faster. Because you'll be right in the center of Germany's most well-known wine-growing regions. The countryside around the Kocher, Jagst, and Tauber are in no way inferior. A few fewer vineyards, instead a bit more forest - in the Black Forest, Germany's largest continuous low mountain range. The Danube starts here and winds its way through the Danube valley to the Swabian Alb, towards Bavaria.

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