Cycling holidays along the Neckar

Cycle tours on the Neckar

Cycling holidays along the Neckar are becoming increasingly popular. The Neckar Cycle Route is one of the most attractive long-distance cycle routes in southern Germany. The name Neckar is of Celtic origin and means violent, evil, fast river. But don't worry – cycling holidays along the Neckar are completely safe. Once the river flowed raging and wild, but in the meantime 27 locks have tamed the Neckar. Despite corrections to the course of the river and extensive renaturation work, the banks of the Neckar have retained their charm and are among the most beautiful landscapes in Baden-Württemberg.

The habitat of the Neckar can be divided into three sections: Firstly, there is the rugged beauty of the upper course, where the Neckar flows in a winding bed between the Swabian Alb and the Black Forest. Then there is the middle course with its open valleys and vineyards, and finally, the lower course where the bed of the Neckar has cut deep into the Odenwald. Numerous pretty villages and historic towns with spruced-up half-timbered houses blend harmoniously into the landscape, which has been shaped by viticulture since the 2nd century.

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The Neckar Cycling Holiday: This is the name of the classic of our cycling tours on the Neckar. The tour leads in ten days from Donaueschingen to Heidelberg, once across the Baden-Württemberg. From a narrow stream to a navigable river, the Neckar proves to be a constant companion and takes you to beautiful towns such as Tübingen, the oldest town in Baden-Württemberg Rottweil or the Roman and bishop's town Rottenburg. One of the oldest Renaissance castles in southern Germany awaits you near Sulz, and the Schiller town of Marbach has an old town that is a protected historical monument. Nature lovers will not miss out either, as they can look forward to lush vineyards, wooded valleys, and wide meadows.

The section from Tübingen to Heidelberg on our tour The Neckar Cycle Path promises leisurely cycling along the Neckar. We start in Tübingen, one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. World-famous as a university town, life pulsates in the medieval old town and on the picturesque banks of the Neckar due to the many students. On the way, you will pass through impressive vineyards to charming little towns such as Marbach or Heilbronn. Numerous castles line the way, including that of Götz von Berlichingen. Fortify yourself with Maultaschen and Spätzle for the last kilometers to Heidelberg, which Goethe already described as something ideal. And so, year after year, thousands of tourists flock to the university town, which is something so special that you will certainly find it hard to say goodbye.

However, it is more active on the cycling tour along the Neckar. You cycle an average of 75 kilometers per day. You start in picturesque Constance and cycle north along Lake Constance, through the Hegau, the Swabian Alb, the Württemberger Weinland, and the Odenwald. Of course, there will be time for the visitor magnets of Tübingen, Rottweil, or Stuttgart along the way. At the end of the most sporty of our cycling tours along the Neckar, reward yourself with regional wines such as Trollinger or Lemberger while you gaze dreamily at Heidelberg Castle from the banks of the Neckar. A walk along the Philosophenweg (Philosophers' Path) on the southern slope of the Heiligenberg is also recommended. From here you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city, river and mountains.

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