Family Cycling Tour at the Baltic Coast

Family Cycling Tour at the Baltic Coast

Steam train, sand castles & swimming in the Baltic

Lübeck – Wismar – Warnemünde / Rostock

  • Radweg-Reisen Tour
  • Excursion to Poel Island, Dutch Mill in Stove, Forest of ghosts near Nienhagen
  • Daily routes ●○○○○
  • Altitude profile ●●○○○
  • Many benefits included!


km / day avg.

Contented children play in the sand while their relaxed parents enjoy gazing out at the sea.Our family cycling tour at the Baltic Coast guarantees you an easy-going holiday for both young and old: the daily sections by bike are not too long, the sandy beaches are perfect for kids, Molli the Steam Train can be heard from afar when she lets off steam and with the two boat trips, you also get to have an adventure at sea. The towns of Lübeck, Rostock and Wismar provide for plenty of variety.
And when you get home you'll even be able to tell everyone that you were in a real forest of ghosts!

Family Cycling Holiday On The Baltic Coast
  • Booking Code
  • Start / Destination
    Lübeck / Warnemünde / Rostock
  • Duration
    9 days / 8 nights
  • Length
    approx. 170 / 205 km
    Daily routes ●○○○○
    between 25 and 50 km, Ø 35 km
    Altitude profile ●●○○○

Day 1: Individual arrival in Lübeck

The old magnificent Hanseatic town was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 and simply radiates charm. Most people associate Lübeck with the Holsten Gate, marzipan and Thomas Mann. But there is much more to see: the crooked brick houses, alleyways and courtyards, the town hall. And the fish rolls on the banks of the Trave at sunset taste particularly good.

Day 2: Lübeck – Hohen Schönberg, approx. 40 km + boat trips (category B)
or Lübeck – Boltenhagen, approx. 50 km + boat trips (category A)

Your day begins with a 1 ½ hour boat trip on the Trave, taking you from Lübeck to Travemünde, where the proud four-masted barque ‘Passat’ ankers. Afterwards a ferry takes you to Priwall (not included). On the Baltic Sea coast cycle path, you’ll ride through Brooker Forest and alongside steep cliffs until you reach Hohen Schönberg or Boltenhagen. The beach resort of Boltenhagen has loads to offer for kids: A ship-in-a-bottle museum, climbing park and ‒ obviously ‒ the glorious beach.

Day 3: Bathing day in Hohen Schönberg / Boltenhagen

What would a Baltic Sea holiday be without dipping into the waves? It is not without reason that the Baltic spa town of Boltenhagen is known for its beach. Only 10 km away from Hohen Schönberg, almost 5 km of sand and a 290 m long pier wait to be explored! If rest and relaxation is not enough, we recommend visiting Castle Bothmer in Klütz. The baroque castle with the wonderful Feston avenue leading up to it is quite spectacular and a great photo opportunity.

Day 4: Boltenhagen – Wismar, approx. 40 / 30 km

The former fishing village of Hoben ‒ completely under monument protection ‒ is a veritable jewel among all the villages you are cycling through today. Thatched-roof hall houses crouch between the sea and rapeseed fields. You pedal along Wismar bay and through a small coastal forest until you’ve soon reached Wismar’s historic centre. Kids will particularly enjoy a visit to the old harbour.

Day 5: Trip to Poel, approx. 25 km + boat trips

A boat takes you right from Wismar to Poel island. Once there, follow the circular tour around the entire island. From Kirchdorf explore the island and visit the lighthouse at Timmendorf Beach. At Schwarzer Busch, there is a memorial to the sinking of the Cap Arcona. You can return either by boat or leave Poel by dam on your bike and cycle the 10 km to Wismar.

Day 6: Wismar – Bad Doberan, approx. 45 km + train (category B)
or Wismar – Kühlungsborn, approx. 45 km (categorie A)

Just a few kilometres from Wismar is the Dutch mill in Stove. Next to the small museum you get wonderful views of Salhzaff. Just before reaching Kühlungsborn, you can admire one of the smallest but highest lighthouses in Bastorf. It naturally gives you great views out to sea. If your hotel is in Bad Doberan, the old narrow-gauge steam train, Molli, takes you via Heiligendamm into the town with the famous Münster church.

Day 7: Bad Doberan – Rostock, approx. 40 km (category B)
or Kühlungsborn – Warnemünde, approx. 20 km + train (category A)

If you stayed the night in Kühlungsborn, your day starts with a trip to Heiligendamm on Molli the steam train. You now cycle off to Warnemünde or Rostock. On your way is the Forest of Ghosts near Nienhagen. Its spooky atmosphere comes from the trees which have been blown into weird and wonderful shapes by the coastal winds. That is also why the trees are nicknamed wind dodgers.

Day 8: Free day in Warnemünde / Rostock

Fancy a day spent relaxing on a wide white-sandy beach? Or a visit to the seals in the research centre in Hohe Düne? Or a trip to Rostock Zoo maybe? Or go and watch the humongous cruisers sailing into Rostock harbour? An ice-cream and a wander around the historic quarter of this hanseatic town? There's a lot to do on your free day!

Day 9: Individual departure or extended stay

After breakfast your family cycling tour at the Baltic Coast comes to an end. We would be happy to extend your holiday in Warnemünde or Rostock if you like.