Cycling holidays on Rügen and Usedom

Jasmund National Park

Cycling holidays: Jasmund National Park

Rasender Roland

Cycling holidays: Rasender Roland

Marine navigation tower Cape Arkona

Cycling holidays: Cape Arkona

Lighthouse Mühlenbake near Swinemünde

Cycling holidays: Lighthouse Mühlenbake near Swinemünde

Usedom Island

Cycling holidays: Usedom Island

Vitte on the island of Hiddensee

Cycling holidays: Vitte on the island of Hiddensee

Our cycling holidays on Rügen and Usedom offer you a very special experience. The German Baltic Sea islands are among the most popular destinations in Germany. Off the east coast of Pomerania lies Rügen, the largest island in Germany. The island's landmark is the imposing chalk cliffs. Kilometres of sandy beaches, national parks such as the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft, magnificent castles, original fishing villages and beautiful seaside resorts will convince you of the beauty of the Baltic Sea island. On the sunny island of Usedom, you are surrounded by impressive piers, villas and extensive gardens. A magnificent white sandy beach stretches for almost 45 kilometres along the Baltic Sea coast. Take a walk on the beach between Bansin and Swinemünde and let the fresh sea breeze blow around your nose and enjoy a delicious fish sandwich on Europe's longest promenade. Whether on a sporty cycling tour or a leisurely cycling holiday from Flensburg to Usedom - here you will get to know the German Baltic coast. The famous Hanseatic cities of Lübeck and Wismar are on your way. The Baltic Sea and especially the island of Rügen are ideal for a great family cycling holiday that will delight young and old. The car-free island of Hiddensee is a perfect way to escape the stress of everyday life and is on the programme of our Baltic Sea island tours.

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During your cycling holiday at the Baltic Sea from Flensburg to Usedom, you will discover the entire German Baltic Sea coast. In three weeks, you will cycle from Schleswig-Holstein to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, past numerous lighthouses, fashionable seaside resorts and idyllic fishing villages. Take time for relaxed museum visits, extensive beach walks and delicious fish sandwiches. The cycling holiday at the Baltic Sea takes you to the Hanseatic cities of Lübeck and Wismar, past the steep coast of Rügen to the sunny island of Usedom.

The sporty bike tour from Flensburg to Usedom is just the thing for anyone who wants to cover long, sporty stages on their cycling holiday. With an average of 70 to 80 kilometres per day, you cycle through Holstein Switzerland, past the Bay of Lübeck and the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula, all the way to Rügen. Enjoy the fresh sea breeze while walking along the unspoilt beaches, through dreamy landscapes and marvel at the imposing chalk cliffs. This sporty cycling tour ends on the sunny Baltic Sea island of Usedom.

You will get to know the German Baltic Sea island of Rügen from a very special side during your family cycling holiday on Rügen. The island is known for its white chalk cliffs, endless beaches, unspoilt nature and seaside resorts worth seeing from an architectural point of view. A ride on the nostalgic narrow-gauge railway is an experience for young and old. On this trip you will also get to know the island of Hiddensee. Long sandy beaches, the Dornbusch lighthouse and romantic fishing villages with thatched houses await you there.

On a cycling holiday on Hiddensee, Rügen and Usedom, you get to know the Baltic Sea islands at your own pace. Be enchanted by the long, car-free island of Hiddensee, the impressive Cape Arkona and the steep chalk cliffs on Rügen or the beaches of Usedom. On this trip you don't change hotels every day, so you have plenty of time on the beach. This trip is a perfect mix of cycling and beach holidays.

You will also get to know the island of Rügen with its famous chalk cliffs and the sunny holiday island of Usedom on the two-island bike tour. Fine sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, wonderful lake and meadow landscapes and endless views of the wide sea await you on this cycling tour. You start in Stralsund with the German Maritime Museum and cycle to the two islands on the beautiful Baltic Sea.

Discover the sunny Baltic Sea island of Usedom at your own pace. Here you can escape from everyday life and enjoy the tranquillity of the island. Fine natural beaches, wild pine forests, thatched fishermen's cottages are your constant companions on your cycling holiday on Usedom. Nature lovers will get their money's worth on this trip. You will explore the rare flora and fauna, salt marshes and green avenues. The seaside resorts of Heringsdorf and Basin with their impressive piers are a direct link to the Baltic Sea.

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