Cycling holidays in Franconia

Cycling holidays in Franconia, Ochsenfurth

Franconia, with the Fichtelgebirge, Spessart and Main Valley, as well as the Altmühl Valley and Franconian Switzerland, has diverse and unique landscapes in store for you. On a cycling holiday in Franconia you will encounter dreamy romantic villages with leaning half-timbered houses. Würzburg, Bamberg, Dinkelsbühl or Rothenburg ob der Tauber are cities with a rich history.

You cycle through the wonderful nature of Franconia with the great rivers Main and Regnitz, cross many a national park with dense deciduous and coniferous forests and also get to know numerous castles and palaces along the way. Two of the most famous German holiday routes run through Franconia: the Romantic Road, the oldest German themed road, and the Castle Road with its fabulous 70 castles, residences and palaces from different eras.

But that's not all! The Franconians bring fine specialities to the plate with Nuremberg grilled sausages and sauerkraut or Schäufele. Franconian wine or a traditionally brewed beer complete the enjoyment. Beer brewing has a long tradition in both Erlangen and Bamberg. Rauchbier (smoked beer) from Bamberg, for example, is a real treat that you don't get to taste every day.

Set out and get to know the diverse region on one of our cycling holidays in Franconia! No matter whether you are looking for romance, pure nature, palate tickling or cultural riches, you will certainly find what you are looking for here!

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Let's start with the cycling tour through Franconia. On the round tour from Bamberg, you cycle along the Main, Pegnitz and Regnitz rivers on very well-maintained cycle paths and thus experience what makes Franconia so fascinating. On the one hand, there are magnificent and fascinating cities such as Bamberg, Bayreuth and Nuremberg, and on the other, castles and palaces line your path. In Erlangen, you should not miss the supposedly largest beer garden in the world.

Or are you more of a wine lover? Then we recommend our 7-days bike tour through Franconia along the Main, through the Spessart and the lovely Tauber Valley. The cycle tour begins and ends in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Here you will not only enjoy the town, which almost seems like a film set, but also the guided tour of the town with the night watchman, which is already included in the tour price. But that's not all: we have also reserved an entrance ticket for you to Weikersheim Castle, because a visit to the baroque garden is not to be missed.

The Bavarian Beer Tour: This cycle tour is one of our popular classics. The Franconians have a very special relationship with beer, which has been produced for centuries in many small family businesses. So it's not surprising that there is a beer cycle path, which you will also follow during the nine-day cycle tour and get to know the region with the highest density of breweries. To make sure it's not too one-sided, you'll also cycle along the Burgenstraße cycle path, which will also introduce you to a large number of castles and palaces. In addition, the charming cities of Rothenburg, Nuremberg and Bamberg are not to be sneezed at.

Cycle through wine Franconia and beer Franconia on our cycle along the Main River Cycle Path from Bamberg to Aschaffenburg. Get to know Franconian hospitality in a wine tavern or a traditional inn. Bamberg, with its imperial cathedral and magnificent old town, is the perfect starting point for a cycling tour through Franconia. On almost perfectly developed cycle paths, the wheels almost roll by themselves. Follow the Main, which will take you to the wine region of the Maindreieck as well as to Wertheim Castle or Würzburg with its famous Residenz or Marienberg Fortress.

From the festival city of Bayreuth to Aschaffenburg, the great cycling vacation along the Main takes you in eleven days. You follow the broad valley of the Red Main, which joins the White Main in the beer town of Kulmbach, change from beer Franconia around Würzburg to wine Franconia and cycle through the forests of the Spessart. Then you have reached Aschaffenburg. Johannisburg Castle, built of red mottled sandstone, is one of the most beautiful Renaissance buildings in Germany. There is plenty of variety, with numerous stately residences, castles and chapels as well as historic towns such as Bamberg and Würzburg along the way.

On the four-day tour Cycling tour along the Main from Bamberg to Würzburg, the bike almost runs itself. Bamberg was designated a World Heritage Site in 1993 and consists of a mountain town, an island town and a gardener's town. Bamberg is also famous for its brewery art: eleven family-run breweries in the city area and around 60 breweries in the neighbouring Bamberg Land produce over 400 different beers! The Franconian metropolis and bishop's city of Würzburg, the destination of your trip, on the other hand, is known as the wine capital.

The Altmühl cycle path is one of the great classics among cycle paths and is especially popular with families. We take you from Rothenburg to Regensburg and many sights await you along the way. There are the Twelve Apostles, the oldest monastery brewery in the world, the archaeopteryx, remains of the Romans and the Danube breakthrough. Rothenburg and Regensburg will enchant you with their splendour, after all they are among the most beautiful cities in Germany.

If you want to take it easy, the cycling tour in the Altmühl Valley Nature Park is just right for you! Away from the hustle and bustle, you cycle in a circular tour from idyllic Kinding through the nature park and around the Altmühlsee. You will get to know the rock formation of the Twelve Apostles as well as Kipfenberg Castle, which is located very close to the geographical centre of Bavaria.

Our family bike tour at Lake Brombach is also very leisurely. The stages are short and there is time for frequent stops and jumps into the Lake Altmühl and Lake Brombach. The tour price already includes a boat trip on Lake Brombach and admission to Pappenheim Castle and the Altmühltherme thermal baths. You won't get bored, because this tour offers the perfect mix of nature, discoveries and relaxation.

The Romantic Road Cyling trip around Rothenburg ob der Tauber lets you cycle along the charming and popular Romantic Road. And as is well known, this road is not stingy with charms: medieval towns full of half-timbered houses and winding streets such as Dinkelsbühl and Nördlingen will delight you just as much as the Nördlinger Ries and the smallest town in Baden-Württemberg.

The Five Rivers Cycle Route: Who can claim to have cycled along five rivers during a holiday? Altmühl, Danube, Naab, Vils and Pegnitz are on the programme, their banks so wonderfully different and proud castles perched on their bends. You will experience pure river romance in Franconia and the Upper Palatinate. This one-week tour is rounded off with fabulously beautiful cities such as Nuremberg and Regensburg.

Our active Five Rivers Tour lets you complete the round trip from Nuremberg in just six days. The daily kilometres average 75 kilometres per day. No problem for experienced cyclists, so daily sightseeing is not neglected either. You can relax your legs during a walk through Bavarian China, Regensburg or the 1000-year-old mountain town of Sulzbach-Rosenberg.

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