The Main river cycle path

The Main River Cycle Path

From Beer Franconia to Wine Franconia

Bamberg – Würzburg – Aschaffenburg

  • Radweg-Reisen Tour
  • Würzburg, wine-growing region - the Main triangle, Wertheim
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Your cycling holiday along the River Main begins in Bamberg, the heart of Beer Franconia. The river winds its way in huge curves through the Franconian Wine Region. Just after Würzburg, it meanders slowly on through the dark green forests of the Spessart. The castles, forts and artistically decorated churches tell of an eventful history. Look forward to the unique charm of the towns along the River Main, the former imperial town of Bamberg, the old residential town of Würzburg and old, labyrinthine town of Wertheim. Make sure you schedule lots of breaks on your cycling holiday on the Main, as a lot of the secluded beer gardens and rustic wine taverns are right on the cycle path! Don't miss trying some of the tasty delicacies of the region, for example Blaue Zipfel (local sausage) or Franconian Schäufele (pork).

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Main river cycle path
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  • Start / Destination
    Bamberg / Aschaffenburg
  • Duration
    8 days / 7 nights
  • Length
    approx. 320 – 325 km
    Daily routes ●●○○○
    between 40 and 65 km, Ø 55 km
    Altitude profile ●○○○○

Day 1: Individual arrival in Bamberg

Your cycling holiday on the Main begins in Bamberg, whose historic quarter was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993 already. The townscape, with over 1000 listed buildings, is quite unique! Did you know that Bamberg was built on seven hills - just like Rome? Take enough time to explore the medieval Kaiserdom cathedral, the old town hall and the new residence. And then treat yourself to a freshly pulled glass of beer in one of the eleven family run breweries in Bamberg.

Day 2: Bamberg – Schweinfurt, approx. 55 – 60 km

At the beginning of this section, you follow the Regnitz River, which merges with the Main not far from Bamberg's city limits. When you reach the Main cycle path you'll see the first vineyards. You cycle through many small towns as you pedal through the expansive nature park, Hassberge, heading for Schweinfurt. Important inventions, including the bicycle, come from this harbour town on the Main River.

Day 3: Schweinfurt – Kitzingen, approx. 55 km

Romantic villages, expansive vineyards and extensive orchards accompany you on today's section of your cycling holiday on the Main. The river follows a huge curve between Volkach and Sommerach. Locally, people say the river liked it so much here that it didn't want to flow on any further. This is where you'll also find the Main Island. At 750 hectares, it's the largest single vineyard in Wine Franconia.

Day 4: Kitzingen – Zellingen / Karlstadt, approx. 55 / 65 km   

Würzburg is, without doubt, the highlight of today's section. Marienberg Castle sits high up above this Baroque town of culture. Take enough time to visit some of the many sights, such as the old Main Bridge or the Chapel of our Lady. Never far from the river banks, the well-established Main cycle path now takes you to little Veitshöchheim with its famous rococo gardens and summer residence of the Würzburg bishops.

Day 5: Zellingen – Marktheidenfeld, approx. 60 / 50 km   

Passing Karlstadt, with its ruined castle, you will start to notice a gradual change in the countryside: no more vineyards, instead shady forests are your companions on your cycling holiday on the River Main. We recommend taking a longer break in Lohr. It was a very pretty historic quarter. After walking through the fishing quarter and the old castle, refuel at any of the many cafes in the lively pedestrian precinct.

Day 6: Marktheidenfeld – Bürgstadt / Miltenberg, approx. 55 km

Today, try looking up in addition to admiring the beautiful river views. There are many castles, such as Wertheim Castle and The Henneburg in Stadtprozelten, to be spotted. Nestled between Spessart and Odenwald, you reach Miltenberg. Explore the sights here with strange-sounding names, e.g. Mikwe, Schnatterloch, Zauberhäuschen and Riesen the Giant.

Day 7: Miltenberg – Aschaffenburg, approx. 40 km  

With the boats on the river passing you by, you pedal the last few kilometres of your cycling holiday on the Main - to Aschaffenburg. From afar already, the four towers marking each corner of Johannisburg Castle show you the way. Use your last day to explore this town, known here as Bavaria's Nice. The convent museum, Villa Pompejanum, Schöntal Park and the Jewish Museum. You decide how you would like to spend the day.

Day 8: Individual return journey home

After breakfast your cycling holiday on the River Main comes to an end. If you don't want to set off for home just yet, we are happy to extend your stay in Aschaffenburg.