Cycling holidays along the Bavarian Danube

Ulm Minster

Das Ulmer Münster

Navigation in the Danube Gorge

Schifffahrt im Donaudurchbruch

Weltenburg Monastery

Das Kloster Weltenburg

Gemütlich auf der Donau beim Kloster Weltenburg

Liberation Hall above Kelheim

Befreiungshalle oberhalb von Kelheim

Regensburg Cathedral

Der Regensburger Dom

The Walhalla in Donaustauf

Die Walhalla in Donaustauf

Passau, the city of three rivers on the Danube, Inn and Ilz

Passau, die Dreiflüssestadt an Donau, Inn und Ilz

Nestled between Donauried, the Franconian Alb, the Bavarian Forest, and Gäuboden, the Bavarian section of the Danube meanders for around 350 kilometers from Ulm to Passau. Along the Bavarian Danube, you will encounter famous cities such as Regensburg, Ingolstadt, and Passau. Weltenburg Abbey, the Neuburg Renaissance castle, the Walhalla, and the Danube Gorge near Kelheim are just some of the highlights that characterize the unique landscape of the Bavarian Danube. Cycle along the almost gradient-free and well-developed Danube Cycle Path and get to know the varied face of a river that will inspire you with its beauty.

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This cycling tour in the valley of the Young Danube is considered a cycling classic on the Danube. Once you've mastered the first part of the tour, you reach the Bavarian part of the Danube in Ulm. Ulm scores not only because it has the highest church tower in the world, but the picturesque Fishers' Quarter, Wiblingen monastery, and the inventive museum for bread culture are all worth a visit. On the way to Donauwörth, you cycle through the river countryside of the Donauried, rich in a variety of species. Away from the cycle path, many sandpit ponds and lakes tempt you for a cool dip. Along the way, the historic town centers of Günzburg, Dillingen, and Lauingen await your visit. Donauwörth is the only Danube town on the Romantic Route. The town invites you to a walk along the Reichstrasse and a visit to a Late Baroque pilgrimage church, Heilig Kreuz.

Donauwörth is an ideal starting point for a cycling tour through Bavaria. On the roughly 300 kilometers to Passau, in addition to the high chalkstone cliffs and the Danube meadows rich in species, the route is almost without a single hill. A total of four lovely castles are on your way to Ingolstadt. The Neuburg Renaissance Castle, which is home to four museums, is a particular highlight. Before you get to Regensburg, visit Weltenburg Monastery. Treat yourself to a cool beer in the beer garden of the oldest monastery brewery in the world and go on a boat trip through the magnificent Danube Gap at Kelheim. You'll experience museum-like flair in the lively town of Regensburg. Wander along the Danube bank and soak up the atmosphere of this old town with its churches and patrician houses. Visit St. Peter's Cathedral and St. Emmeram. You have a beautiful view of the old town and the Danube from the stone bridge. One of the more spectacular views of the Danube Valley can be seen from the Valhalla. It was King Ludwig I's idea to build a monument for distinguished people in German history in the form of busts and memorial plaques. This impressive building behind you, you have the Bavarian Forest on your left and the Lower Bavarian Gäulandschaft on your right. Visit Straubing, famous for its town tower, the pilgrimage church on Bogenberg, and Niederaltaich Monastery. Take a break on your way to Passau in one of the lovely beer gardens and watch the busy ship traffic on the Danube. In Passau, you have a wonderful view from Veste Oberhaus of the merging Danube, Inn, and Ilz rivers, the Baroque St. Stephen's Cathedral, and the towers that shape this townscape with its colorful facades.

Whipping along on a bike? With our athletic tour from Donaueschingen via Passau to Vienna. With an average of 75 km/day, you cycle from the source of the Danube to the Austrian capital. The Bavarian Danube has everything to offer keen cyclists. Cyclists who want to take a break should take advantage of the options at Höchstädter Schloss, in the Limes thermal baths in Bad Gögging, at the Ingolstadt fortress, and Kelheim Liberation Hall. After a day of cycling, a snack and an alcohol-free wheat beer are a real treat.

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