Radwandern im Tal der jungen Donau

Cycle Tour along the Young Danube

From Donaueschingen to Donauwörth

Donaueschingen – Ulm – Donauwörth

  • Radweg-Reisen Tour
  • Source of the Danube, Ulm Minster, Sigmaringen Castle
  • Daily routes ●●●○○, altitude profile ●●○○○
  • Bestseller!


Ø km per day

Pedalling past cliffs that seem to penetrate endlessly into the sky, the cycle tour along the young Danube takes you to Sigmaringen. In Ulm you climb the steps of the highest church tower in the world before setting off to explore the Bavarian-Swabian countryside. The roads to Donauwörth are lined with lovingly maintained monasteries, castles, fortresses and wonderful countryside ‒ see where the river disappears into the ground and a spring whose water is even bluer than the sky. The ever-changing countryside, excellent cycle paths and the hospitality of the people here have made the Swabian part of the Danube one of the most popular cycle holidays among our guests.


  • Booking code
  • Start / Destination
    Donaueschingen / Donauwörth
  • Duration
    8 days / 7 nights
  • Length
    approx. 330 km
    Daily routes ●●●○○
    between 40 and 70 km, Ø 50 km
    Altitude profile ●●○○
Map for cycling in the valley of the young Danube

Day 1: Individual arrival in Donaueschingen

"Brigach und Breg bringen die Donau zuweg" is the phrase people say here meaning that the Brigach and Breg rivers jointly form the river Danube. The Romans considered the spring in the Fürstenberg Castle parkland to be the start of the Danube. The castle, in Belle Epoque style, is an impressive testimony to the Fürstenberg family’s former significance.

Day 2: Donaueschingen ‒ Mühlheim / Fridingen, approx. 45 / 50 km

The first section takes you through the Baar region. In Immendingen you can witness a spectacular natural scene known as the Danube Sink, where the river disappears for a large part of the year into the limestone ground. Instead of flowing into the Black Sea, part of the Danube flows via the Aachtopf, Lake Constance and the Rhine into the North Sea. Behind Tuttlingen the valley narrows and you soon reach today's destination Mühlheim or Fridingen.

Day 3: Fridingen ‒ Sigmaringen / Scheer, approx. 45 ‒ 55 km

Today you follow the Danube enjoying the wonderful countryside that has evolved in this valley over the course of the years. Limestone cliffs, looming over 100 metres high, line your path. Every once in a while you will spy castles or ruins perched on top of the rocks. In Sigmaringen the historic Hohenzollern Castle awaits you. It is still home to the Hohenzollern family today.

Day 4: Sigmaringen ‒ Obermarchtal / Ehingen, approx. 40 ‒ 70 km

Instead of rough cliffs and rock, a gentler landscape greets you today. It’s worth taking a detour to the former Celtic town of Heuneburg. Via Riedlingen, whose townscape is shaped by timber-frame houses, you cycle to Ehingen. This baroque town places great emphasis on its beer culture: four independent, traditional breweries have been instrumental in shaping the history of this town.

Day 5: Obermarchtal ‒ Ulm, approx. 40 ‒ 60 km

You follow either the Danube or decide to take a detour via Blaubeuren. This is where a spring emerges in the Blautopf or blue pot, which also marks the start of a huge cave system. The colour of the water is so blue it looks as if it has been dyed. This blue river takes you to the Swabian town of Ulm which boasts the highest church tower in the world. It takes 768 steps to climb up it. You are rewarded at the top with panoramic views of the Alps.

Day 6: Ulm ‒ Lauingen, approx. 50 km

Between Ulm and Dillingen you pass many small towns that are all located flood safe on raised ground and have been beautifully preserved. Over 50 million little Lego bricks in all manner of colours and shapes can be admired in Legoland in Günzburg. Your daily destination Lauingen is also known as the town of the towers. It owes its name among other things to the 54-metre-high Schimmel Tower on the market square.

Day 7: Lauingen ‒ Donauwörth / Wörnitzstein, approx. 40 / 45 km

Taking you through the meadowland around the Danube, your last section of the tour takes you to Donauwörth at the mouth of the Wörnitz. This is where the former most important trade route between Nuremberg and Augsburg crossed the Danube. The elegant houses are a reminder of the town’s historic importance. The Käthe-Kruse doll museum is a treat not only for children.

Day 8: Individual departure

Your cycle tour along the young Danube ends after breakfast. We would be happy to extend your stay in Donauwörth if you like.

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Season times and prices 2024

Arrival daily from 31.03.2024 to 19.10.2024

Bookable dates are shown in the booking form. The season is dictated by the arrival date.

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31.03. - 19.04.
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All prices per person in a double room

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  • 7 nights incl. breakfast, national 3* level
  • Luggage transport from hotel to hotel to Donauwörth / Wörnitzstein, no limit on the number of pieces, max. 20 kg / piece
  • Admission Sigmaringen Castle with audio guide
  • Travel documents with maps (1 x per room)
  • Service hotline (7 days, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.)
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Not included is the city or visitor's tax (if payable).

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For our younger cyclists

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From 12 to 17 years


Applies for accommodation in rooms with 2 full-paying guests.

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Due to the more challenging sections, we recommend this tour for young people only in good physical condition.

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Additional services

Additional bookable services

Additional fee single room

249 €

Return transfer excl. own bike, Donauwörth – Donaueschingen

99 €

Return transfer incl. own bike, Donauwörth – Donaueschingen

139 €

All prices are per person

Additional nights

Lauingen / Ulm

65 €


95 €

other places

55 €


85 €

All prices are per person

Rental bikes

Rental Bikes

Rental Bike
Rental Bike
99 €
259 €
Teenager's bike
Teenager's bike
49 €

Types of rental bikes

  • 8-gear unisex bike, hub gears with back-pedal brakes (men’s bikes from 1.75 m)
  • 27-gear unisex bike, derailleur gears with freewheel (men’s bikes from 1.75 m)
  • Electric bike / Pedelec with freewheel (minimum age 16 years)
  • Teenager's bike (26 inch)

Pannier, handlebar bag, milometer, bike lock, pump, repair kit

Here you find further information and pictures of our rental bikes.

Radweg-Reisen 8-gear unisex bike
8-gear unisex bike, hub gears with back-pedal brakes
Radweg-Reisen 8-gear men's bike
8-gear men's bike, hub gears with back-pedal brakes
Radweg-Reisen 27-gear unisex bike
27-gear unisex bike, derailleur gears with freewheel
Radweg-Reisen 27-gear men's bike
27-gear men's bike, derailleur gears with freewheel
Radweg-Reisen E-Bike
Unisex E-Bike, 8-speed hub gears and free-wheel
Radweg-Reisen Teen's bike
Teen's bike

8- / 27-Gang Mietrad

99 €

E-bike / Pedelec

259 €

Kinder- / Jugendrad

49 €

All prices are per person

Brief info

  • Booking code
  • Start / Destination
    Donaueschingen / Donauwörth
  • Duration
    8 days / 7 nights
  • Length
    approx. 330 km
    Daily routes ●●●○○
    between 40 and 70 km, Ø 50 km
    Altitude profile ●●○○○
  • Trail conditions
    Mostly level ground and almost always along cycle paths. On day 2 and 3 there are a few short inclines. There are also some longer sections along firm off-road tracks,  small sections run through forest, rarely are there short sections along quiet and some busier roads. The towns are frequently located on flood-safe raised sites.
  • Parking information
    Free parking at „Stadtmühle“, „Realschule“ and „Fürstenberg-Gymnasium“.
    No reservation possible through Radweg-Reisen
  • Return to Donaueschingen
    Optional by minibus (Sundays only), start approx. 9 a.m., duration approx. 3 hours, must be specified when booking.
    The transfer from Donauwörth to Donaueschingen, you can also book before the bike tour. So you can continue right after the tour from Donauwörth. Please write us your booking request in the online booking form in the free text field.
    Alternatively on your own by train, connection every two hours, 2 ‒ 3 train changes, duration approx. 5 hours.
  • Execution
  • Mobility notice
    The trip is suitable for people with limited mobility only conditionally.
    Simply contact us regarding your individual needs.
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Ø km per day