The Danube Bike Trip

The Danube Bike Trip

The Danube Challenge

 Donaueschingen – Ulm Regensburg

  • Radweg-Reisen Tour
  • Danube Sink, world's highest church tower in Münster, Audi museum Mobile in Ingolstadt
  • Daily routes ●●●●●
  • Altitude profile ●●○○○


km / day avg.

This Danube bike trip from Donaueschingen to Regensburg is perfect for those who enjoy cycling longer daily stages and are quite fit. You will cycle along the Danube Cycle Path from its source in Donaueschingen to the most northern point of the Danube, in Regensburg. Enjoy the contrasts of natural and urban areas, impressive cultural monuments and attractive small towns and see the Danube grow from a small stream to an impressive river.

The Danube Bike Trip
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  • Start / Destination
    Donaueschingen / Regensburg
  • Duration
    8 days / 7 nights
  • Length
    approx. 450 km
    Daily routes ●●●●●
    between 55 and 90 km, Ø 75 km
    Altitude profile ●●○○○

Day 1: Individual arrival in Donaueschingen

Brigach und Breg bringen die Donau zuweg is the phrase people say here meaning that the Brigach and Breg rivers jointly form the river Danube. The Romans considered the spring in the parkland of Castle Fürstenberg to be the start of the Danube. The castle, in the style of the Belle Epoque, is an impressive testimony to Fürstenberg Family’s former significance. Reserved rental bicycles are parked at the hotel ready for you.

Day 2: Donaueschingen – Fridingen, approx. 55 km

This section takes you through the Baar region. In Immendingen you can visit a natural wonder ‒ the Danube Sink. This is where the river disappears for the majority of the year. Instead of flowing to the Black Sea, part of the Danube flows via the Aachtopf into Lake Constance and the Rhine. Behind Tuttlingen, the valley narrows and you reach Beuron with its well-known Benedictine Monastery.

Day 3: Fridingen – Obermarchtal, approx. 90 km

Today, you follow the Danube through the wonderful countryside that has evolved in this valley over the course of the years. The over 100 m high chalkstone rocks, which are crowned by the occasional castle or ruin, line your route. Via Sigmaringen with its majestic Hohenzollern Palace you cycle to Obermarchtal on the Upper Swabian Baroque road.

Day 4: Obermarchtal – Ulm, approx. 65 km

You cycle along the Danube until you reach Ehingen, then you follow the valley of the ancient Danube. In Blaubeuren you find the mystical Blautopf, a strong carstic spring, close to the monastery. The beautiful Lau, a mythical mermaid, is said to inhabit the spring. The tower of Ulm´s cathedral can already be seen from afar. Around it you will find the shopping area. The fishing district still emanates medieval flair.

Day 5: Ulm – Donauwörth, approx. 90 km

The stage leads along the Danube Cycle Path to Donauwörth. The villages are mainly located somewhat off the beaten track on hills protected from the river floodwaters. Those who wish can take a break in one of the well maintained villages. In Donauwörth a former important trade route crosses over the Danube. The majestic town houses testify to the historical significance of the town.

Day 6: Donauwörth – Ingolstadt, approx. 65 km

Today you will be moving on swiftly. You soon reach the foothills of the Franconian Alb mountains, which liven up the route as you cycle along this gently undulating section of the tour. It’s worth taking a look at Neuburg’s old town, for example the court church or the town theatre. Ingolstadt has a wonderful medieval flair and is known all over the world as the town where Audi manufactures its cars. Visit the Mobile Museum or wander through the historic city centre.

Day 7: Ingolstadt – Regensburg, approx. 85 km + boat trip

The tour leads mainly directly through the Danube floodplains alongside the river. Near Bad Gögging you will reach the ancient Roman cultural landscape, in Weltenburg the famous monastery and the majestic Danube Gap. You will continue on along the Danube, crossing over from the left to right banks Regensburg, the best preserved large German town which has recently been declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

Day 8: Individual departure or extended stay

After breakfast your Danube bike trip from Donaueschingen to Regensburg comes to an end and you will return home or to Donaueschingen. We would also be more than happy to extend your holiday in Regensburg.