Cycle Tour from Donaueschingen to Vienna

Cycling tour from Donaueschingen to Vienna

From the source of the Danube to Austria's capital

Donaueschingen – Passau – Vienna

  • Radweg-Reisen Tour
  • Sigmaringen Castle, Minster tower Ulm, Danube Sink, Wachau
  • Daily routes ●●●●●
  • Altitude profile ●●○○○


km / day avg.

On this tour, the more athletic cyclists can follow the Danube through Germany and Austria. From its source in Donaueschingen to Austria's capital. The variation between quiet rural countryside, impressive natural monuments and impressive town landscapes is what makes this tour special. On one of the most popular cycling tours in Europe, discover the beauty of the Danube Valley and the cultural and historical riches of the old towpaths. Despite the longer stages, you still have time to enjoy the regional delicacies. This athletic cycle tour from Donaueschingen to Vienna along the Danube is suitable for all cyclists who enjoy tackling longer biking sections.

Cycling tour from Donaueschingen to Vienna
Cycling tour from Donaueschingen to Vienna - Brief Information
  • Booking Code
  • Start / Destination
    Donaueschingen / Vienna
  • Duration
    15 days / 14 nights
  • Length
    approx. 925 km
    Daily routes ●●●●●
    between 55 and 90 km, Ø 75 km
    Altitude profile ●●○○○

Day 1: Individual arrival in Donaueschingen

"Brigach und Breg bringen die Donau zuweg" is the phrase people say here meaning that the Brigach and Breg rivers jointly form the river Danube. The Romans considered the spring in the parkland of Castle Fürstenberg to be the start of the Danube. The castle, in the style of the Belle Epoque, is an impressive testimony to Fürstenberg Family’s former significance. Reserved rental bicycles are parked at the hotel ready for you.

Day 2: Donaueschingen – Fridingen, approx. 55 km

This section takes you through the Baar region. In Immendingen you can visit a natural wonder – the Danube Sink. This is where the river disappears for the majority of the year. Instead of flowing to the Black Sea, part of the Danube flows via the Aachtopf into Lake Constance and the Rhine. Behind Tuttlingen, the valley narrows and you reach Beuron with its well-known Benedictine Monastery.

Day 3: Fridingen – Obermarchtal, approx. 90 km

Today, you follow the Danube through the wonderful countryside that has evolved in this valley over the course of the years. The over 100-m high chalkstone rocks, which are crowned by the occasional castle or ruin, line your route. Via Sigmaringen with its majestic Hohenzollern Palace you cycle to Obermarchtal on the Upper Swabian Baroque road.

Day 4: Obermarchtal – Ulm, approx. 65 km

You will cycle along the Danube until you reach Ehingen, then you will follow the valley of the ancient Danube. In Blaubeuren you will find the mystical Blautopf, a strong carstic spring, close to the monastery. The beautiful Lau, a mythical mermaid, is said to inhabit the spring. The tower of Ulm´s cathedral can already be seen from afar. Around it you will find the shopping area. The fishing district still emanates medieval flair.

Day 5: Ulm – Donauwörth, approx. 90 km

The stage leads along the Danube Cycle Path to Donauwörth. The villages are mainly located somewhat off the beaten track on hills protected from the river floodwaters. Those who wish can take a break in one of the well maintained villages. In Donauwörth a former important trade route crosses over the Danube. The majestic town houses testify to the historical significance of the town.

Day 6: Donauwörth – Ingolstadt, approx. 65 km

Today you will be moving on swiftly. You soon reach the foothills of the Franconian Alb mountains, which liven up the route as you cycle along this gently undulating section of the tour. It’s worth taking a look at Neuburg’s old town, for example the court church or the town theatre. Ingolstadt has a wonderful medieval flair and is known all over the world as the town where Audi manufactures its cars. Visit the Mobile Museum or wander through the historic city centre.

Day 7: Ingolstadt – Regensburg, approx. 85 km + boat trip

The tour mostly takes you right through the Danube's riverside meadows. In Bad Gögging, archaeological digs remind us of the Roman settlements. Further along the route you will come to the Danube Gap. The river pushes its way through the cliffs of the Franconian Jura mountains. Departing from the famous Benedictine Weltenburg Monastery, a boat takes you to Kelheim. Back to bike power, you cycle to Regensburg.

Day 8: Regensburg – Deggendorf, approx. 95 km

The athletic ascent to the Walhalla memorial, which Ludwig I opened in 1842, is certainly worthwhile. Your journey then continues along the Danube, which carves its path through the open plain in wide riverbends. Cycle through the Gäuboden region via Straubing, before reaching Deggendorf, the gate to the Bavarian Forest national park. In the evening, go for a stroll through the charming historical town centre, which is an absolute must-see.

Day 9: Deggendorf – Passau, approx. 60 km

After the challenging stages of the previous days, you will easily master today’s route. Cycling via Vilsholfen, you will soon reach Passau, the city of three rivers. Explore the rivers Danube, Inn and Ilz from a boat, and let the evening come to a relaxing close on a stroll through the historic city centre. The Veste Oberhaus fortress, which towers above the city, is also worth a visit!

Day 10: Day off in Passau

Once in Passau, you will have deserved a day out of the saddle. The historic baroque town, created by Italian masters of the 17th century will charm you with its southern flair.  Explore the three rivers – the Danube, Inn and Ilz by boat and visit St. Stephen's Cathedral at the highest point of the old town. Oberhaus Fort and the pilgrimage church Mariahilf are also worth a visit.

Day 11: Passau – Aschach / Brandstatt, approx. 80 km

Along the northern bank of the Danube, the route takes you to Schlögener Loop, where the river makes a sudden 180° degree turn around huge granite rocks. Those of you who are thirsting for action can go on a little detour to the ruined castle of Haichenbach. The view more than makes up for the strenuous climb. Afterwards you continue along the route to the small but pretty town of Aschach.

Day 12: Aschach – Grein / Ardagger, approx. 80 km

Through the bird paradise of Eferdinger Becken and various market communities you cycle to Linz. The regional capital of Upper Austria was Europe's cultural capital in 2009 and is home to Lentos, one of the most important museums for contemporary art in Austria. You continue on through Machland passing Mauthausen concentration camp and on to today's destination of Ardagger at the start of the Strudengau region.

Day 13: Ardagger – Krems, approx. 85 km

The Strudengau, a narrow, wild valley along the Danube, used to be feared by sailors because of its many eddies. Cycle on now through the cultural landscape of Wachau, which is known for its wine and orchards. You can taste wine at many of the traditional wine taverns, home-produced by the local wine-growers. You route takes you past the Benedictine Monastery at Melk to Krems.

Day 14: Krems – Vienna, approx. 80 km

You will leave the wine region Wachau again and cycle to the former Roman town Tulln. Here, a completely different landscape awaits you: Instead of the hills of the Wachau, the rambling Tullner Feld (Tullner basin) opens in front of you. Cycling via Klosterneuburg you will reach the Danube metropolis Vienna. Whether you´d like to visit the Schönbrunn Palace or St. Stephen´s Cathedral- Vienna has something to offer for everyone.

Day 15: Individual departure or extended stay

After breakfast, your sportive cycle tour from Donaueschingen to Vienna along the Danube ends. We are happy to extend your holiday in Vienna!