Cycling holidays in Jutland

Cycling tours in Jutland

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Welcome to Jylland! Hundreds of kilometers of seashore, secluded beaches, dense forests, enchanting towns, and impressive sights - a true cyclist's paradise awaits you on our cycle tours in Jutland between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Jutland stretches from the German-Danish border in the south to the North Jutland island in the north. This makes Jutland Denmark's largest land area after Greenland. On our cycle tours in Jutland, you will experience a Denmark full of contrasts. Western Jutland is characterized by the rough North Sea, small fishing villages, long mudflat beaches, peat bogs, and heaths. The east is mild, with lush forests, lakes, and modern cities.

Whether from Copenhagen to Hamburg, by ferry to the North Sea island of Rømø, along the Little Belt, or on the Danish Baltic Sea Cycle Route across the island of Als - our cycle tours in Jutland take you on a journey through one of the most beautiful regions in Denmark.


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On our Cycle tour around the Little Belt, you start in the Danish town of Sønderborg. Accompanied by a fresh breeze around your nose, you cycle almost always close to the coast on this tour and get to know the harbor town of Kolding, the Lillebæltsbroen near Middelfart, the island of Funen and the island of Als. The Little Belt is considered to be one of the most whale-rich waters in the world - with a bit of luck, you can spot porpoises here.

Have more than a week to spare? Then cycle with us on the Baltic Sea Cycle Path in Denmark along the Little Belt, explore the west coast of the island of Funen and visit the islands of Ærø and Als. Along the way, you will discover idyllic castles, charming villages, secluded sandy beaches and impressive viewpoints - welcome to Denmark!

Want that island feeling? Our cycle tour to Sylt, Rømø and Hooge has some of the most beautiful North Sea islands in store for you. Experience the interplay of high and low tide and the abundant wildlife along the rugged coastal landscapes. Thatched-roof houses, lighthouses, long sandy beaches and freshly caught fish round off your cycling experience just off the coasts of Jutland and Schleswig-Holstein perfectly.

On our cycling tour in Jutland, you will cycle through Midtjylland, the central part of Jutland. You start in Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark. Over seven days, you will get to know Aarhus, Silkeborg and Skanderborg and follow a section of the Gudenå, Denmark's longest river. On an excursion, you will get to know the island of Samsø in the Kattegat, which has the most hours of sunshine in Denmark.

Our cycle tour on the North Sea Coastal Cycle Route in Jutland promises an exciting cycle tour through the German-Danish Wadden Sea. You will get to know the islands of Sylt, Rømø and Fanø. In Ribe, the oldest town in Denmark, it is worth taking an extensive tour of the old town, which is rich in sights. The destination of the trip is Esbjerg. Just 150 years old, the city is one of the country's most important North Sea ports.


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