Bike and Boat on the Mediterranean

Bike and Boat on the Mediterranean

Bike and Boat holidays on the Mediterranean let you rediscover holiday destinations such as Italy, Croatia and Greece. On your bike you will explore picturesque landscapes steeped in history and enjoy the relaxed Mediterranean way of life with its excellent cuisine. The atmosphere on the boats is very relaxed. On many of the motorsailers you can hop directly from the deck into the deep blue waves of the sea – pure relaxation! Under the hot sun of the Mediterranean the locals developed a unique life philosophy – La Dolce Vita and the Siesta are only two of the countless characteristics which shape Mediterranean life. Culinary delights and an eventful history since antiquity make this Bike and Boat holiday on the Mediterranean even more appealing.

Our tip: A Bike and Boat holiday on the Mediterranean is ideal when the weather is too cold for a relaxed bicycle journey in Central Europe. Especially in autumn when the trees start losing their leaves in Germany, you will find ideal temperatures for cycling and swimming on the Mediterranean.


What better way to arrive in Venice than by boat? This Bike & Boat holiday from Mantua to Venice has been particularly popular with bicycle enthusiasts for years. Art, culture and unique landscapes await you in the Po Valley.

Enjoy breath-taking views of the Amalfi coast in southern Italy from aboard your boat in the evenings: The coastal areas around Naples, Pompeii and Amalfi are some of the most beautiful on the Mediterranean. Glittering turquoise water, steep cliffs and romantic bays, as well as coastal roads with breath-taking views – a paradise for cyclists.

The Aeolian Islands are a real insider’s tip: These islands in northern Sicily are of volcanic origin and offer steep cliffs and pleasant water temperatures. There’s no airport, so these islands are only accessible by boat – perfect conditions for a Bike and Boat holiday.


You will find Bike and Boat holidays for every taste in Croatia: Whether you choose a ‘classic’ Bike and Boat holiday, which will take you to the most beautiful bike routes at the Kvarner Bay, Dalmatia and Istria, take your mountain bike to the most exciting single trails high above the waves of the Mediterranean, or enjoy a relaxing bathing cruise. Bike and Boat enthusiasts will find diverse holidays in Croatia on small romantic motorsailers, which have almost nothing in common with the large river cruise ships.


Greece: White houses, the deep blue Mediterranean and long sandy beaches. Explore the Cyclades, a group of islands around the holy island of Delos. You will get to know each of the islands at a leisurely pace while your boat waits for you.

The Ionian Islands are located in western Greece, which are ideal for a Bike and Boat holiday. From Corfu you will sail to less well-known islands such as Lefkas and Ithaka. You will cycle across the alleged home of the Odysseus, the legendary figure of Greek mythology, away from the throngs of tourists. The deep blue of the sea and the white of the steep cliffs characterise your journey, which will take you through one of the most beautiful regions of the Mediterranean.