With Boat and Bike to the Ionian Islands

With Boat and Bike to the Ionian Islands

Explore Greece's westcoast on MS Panagiota

  • Round trip from Corfu-City
  • Daily routes ●○○○○
  • Altitude profile ●●●○○
  • Bike & Boat: MS Panagiota


km / day avg.

Even though Greece has an expansive mainland, it's the islands we always think of. Deep blue water and white cliffs. And that's just what you can expect on this holiday by boat and bike, starting in Corfu. The Ionian Islands in western Greece are supposed to be the home of Odysseus and will whisk you off into the distant past. But the Mediterranean and the many sandy beaches are also highlights of the tour. Get to know the archipelago from land and water and enjoy the cycle tours to the exciting towns of Corfu, Lefkas, Kefalonia and Ithaka.

With Boat and Bike to the Ionian Islands

Brief Information

  • Booking code
  • Start / Destination
  • Duration
    8 days, 7 nights
  • Length
    approx. 210 km by bike
    Daily routes ●○○○○
    between 25 and 50 km, Ø 35 km
    Altitude profile ●●●○○
  • Route condition
    Your route runs along hilly and mountainous terrain but due to the short stages you can take your time. The roads are mostly asphalted and quiet with only little traffic.
  • Bicycle helmets
    In Greece bicycle helmets are mandatory for all cyclists, please bring your own helmet.
  • Minimum number of participants
    The minimum number of 14 participants must be reached 4 weeks prior to the arrival date.
    Changes to boat trips due to weather, water levels or technical conditions are possible; we reserve the right to make changes.
  • Tour operated by
    Local cooperation partner

Your boat: MS Panagiota

The MS Panagiota is a traditional 23 metre long and 7 metre wide motorsailer, which was modernised in 2001. It sails under the command of Captain Gerasimos and can accommodate up to 20 guests. The MS Panagiota has a spacious lounge, which offers lots of room to relax and socialise with the other guests. The boat also has two sun decks with comfortable sun loungers and a sheltered aft deck, where you can eat dinner when the sea is calm.


MS Panagiota

ship view

MS Panagiota, ship view

MS Panagiota

deck view

MS Panagiota, deck

MS Panagiota


MS Panagiota, salon

MS Panagiota

double room

MS Panagiota, double room

MS Panagiota

triple room

MS Panagiota, triple room

MS Panagiota


MS Panagiota, bathroom

Day 1: Individual arrival in the town of Corfu

The charming island of Corfu is to the north of the Ionian Sea, which connects with the Adriatic. The views of the picturesque countryside and cliffs rising out of turquoise coloured water do wonders for helping you feel relaxed. And the many small bays here complete the picture. The changing history of this island can be seen in the different appearances of the town and its architecture. You go aboard boat in the afternoon. In the town of Corfu you will find you are in one of Greece's most beautiful towns and this is how your journey with Boat and Bike to the Ionian Islands begins.

Day 2: The Islands of Corfu and Lefkas, approx. 30 km

The fresh breeze blows you over to the Greek west coast. And then it’s peddle time! Your first cycle begins in the small coastal town of Sivota, which stretches over gentle hills along the sea. A Venetian fort rises high over the town Parga; it dates back to the 16th century. From there, you have fantastic views of the rough cliffs along the Greek coast. From here, you cross over to the next island. You land on Lefkas, in the lively harbour town of Nidri, where you will feel welcome immediately.

Day 3: Island of Lefkas, approx. 30 km

In the morning you explore a nearby waterfall before you cycle via quiet roads through the hills to the sunny harbour town of Sivota. The small town is located in a sheltered bay surrounded by green hills and lush forests. You then go by boat to Fiskardo. The setting here is absolutely stunning: the grey cliffs of Lefkadi are in sharp contrast to the crystal clear water and the white sandy beaches. The island of Kafalonia is probably the same as the island of Same, which was part of Odysseus's kingdom. Relics have been found here from the Mycenaean period.

Day 4: Island of Kefalonia, approx. 45 km

After you have left the bay of Fiskado, climb the impressive high road along the west coast. Enjoy the unforgettable panorama with views of Mystos Beach. The region around the marble-white pebble beach is protected and therefore perfect for enjoying the wonders of nature. It's quite an adventure to go and visit the stalactite cave of Melissani. The glittering cave can only be accessed by rowing boat. Next, you set off by boat to Ithaka!

Day 5: Islands of Ithaka and Meganisi, approx, 35 km

On his way home, Odysseus had to tackle many adventures and was often put to the test. But don't worry, you won't be encountering any sea monsters or sirens on your route! You can quite happily enjoy exploring the island of Thaka. The gnarled olive trees, the deep blue sea and the friendly people here give this Greek island its very typical charm. From Frikes, the boat takes you to the tiny island of Meganisi, the delights of which you will get to know on a short bike trip in the evening.

Day 6: Island of Meganisi – Lefkas town, approx. 50 km, Lefkas town – Paxos (by boat)

A wonderful cycle on the mainland is what's in store today. In Mytikas, you disembark and cycle along the coastal road to Paleiros. You'll have the coast in your sights the whole way. You'll pass wild and romantic, abandoned village, and then arrive in the town of Lefkas. From here, the boat takes you to the natural harbour of Gaios on the island of Paxos. On this, the smallest of the Ionian islands, the people here primarily live from growing wine and olives.

Day 7: Islands of Paxos and Corfu, approx. 25 km

While you're on this tiny island, you naturally have to cycle round it. Whenever you feel like taking a break, you can! Go for a dip and spend some time on the lovely beaches. After lunch, you sail back to your original starting point - Corfu. In the island's capital with its charming Venetian historic quarter, you can let the day come to a pleasant end with a glass of Greek wine.

Day 8: Individual departure

After breakfast, your boat and bike holiday on Corfu and the Ionian islands comes to an end with your individual departure home.