Cycling Holiday on Usedom

Cycling Holiday on Usedom

A tour of discovery on this sunny island in the Baltic Sea

Mellenthin – Wolgast – Mellenthin

  • Radweg-Reisen Tour
  • Day trips from Mellenthin and Wolgast
  • Imperial spas Bansin and Heringsdorf, Historic Technical Museum in Peenemünde, Boat Trip on the Stettin Lagoon
  • Back massage included!
  • Daily routes ●●○○○
  • Altitude profile ●●●○○
  • Insider Tip!


km / day avg.

Wild, natural beaches, wind-blown pines, thatched fisherman's houses and a salty breeze will all accompany you on your cycling holiday on Usedom. Take a deep breath and taste the healthy Baltic air, feel the salt from the sea on your skin. Nature lovers will love it here. You pedal along the many cycle paths and explore the rare animal and plant world, salt meadows, green avenues and moorland depressions. The mondain resorts of Heringsdorf and Basin, with their piers, are your direct connection with the Baltic. The promenades with their restaurants, cafes and shops are very inviting for a tasty meal or some retail therapy! The museums in Peenemünde tell you all there is to know about rockets and the history of the navy. On this cycling holiday you get away from everyday life and tank up on new energy enjoying the quiet of the island, away from the hustle and bustle.

Cycling holiday on Usedom
  • Booking Code
  • Start / Destination
  • Duration
    8 days / 7 nights
  • Length
    approx. 275 km
    Daily routes ●●○○○
    between 15 and 50 km, Ø 40 km
    Altitude profile ●●○○○

Day 1: Individual arrival in Mellenthin

Welcome to the Baltic Sea! Your cycling holiday on Usedom, Germany's second biggest island, starts in Mellenthin. Check into your hotel and arrange a date for your 30-minute back massage. Take a first tour through the town or go for a swim - there are many opportunities, e.g. the backwaters, Schmollensee lake, Gothensee lake or the Baltic itself.

Day 2: Excursion to Swinemünde, approx. 60 km

After breakfast, you first set off for Swinemünde. On the way you pass the well-known resorts of Heringsdorf and Bansin. Go and feel the sea breeze in your hair on one of the piers here. The port town of Swinemünde is distributed across a group of islands in the north west of Poland. In the east, the town centre is curbed by the river Swine. The islands of Usedom and Wollin are separated from each other by an arm of the Baltic Sea. Explore the town centre with its historic town hall, Christuskirche and the tower of the Luther Church. Today, the church tower is a cafe and viewing point. Visit the spa quarter of the town. The promenade awaits your visits with its many restaurants, bars and ships.

Day 3: Excursion to Ueckermünde, approx. 50 km + Transfer and boat trip.

Your day trip starts with a transfer to the hanseatic town of Anklam. After a short stroll through the town you pedal along the windy coast to Ueckermünde. In this lovingly renovated historic quarter, the houses radiate their charm, witness to many different centuries. The town is a joy thanks to its proximity to water and woods. Pedalling along, you get to the nature park in the Stettin Lagoon. With a bit of luck you can see beavers, fish otters, sea eagles, storks or red deer in their natural habitat. You leave Ueckermünde by boat to get back to the island of Usedom, to one of the oldest fishing villages of the island, Kamminke. The special flair of this town is defined by the steep coast and the thatched houses.

Day 4: Mellenthin – Zinnowitz – Wolgast, approx. 40 km

On your cycling holiday on Usedom, you visit the resort of Zinnowitz. Enjoy the unspoiled tranquility of the island countryside. You can watch the waves rushing onto the beach and see the trees in the coastal forests swaying in the wind. On your bike it's now time to go on to Wolgast, your second place to stay on this holiday. This diverse town owes its special thanks to its combination of tradition and modernity. In the historic quarter, you'll be struck by the lovely facades on the historic town houses. Special buildings in the town are St. Peter's Church, the baroque town hall and Gertrudenkapelle Wander around the harbour and be charmed by the maritime flair.

Day 5: Excursion to Peenemünde, approx. 35 km

After your first night in Wolgast, on Usedom, you cycle to Peenemünde, the northernmost community on the island. The place is known for rocket development in the former military testing grounds at Peenemünde. In Peenemünde's history and technology museum you can find out all about the events back then and the history of the town. The maritime museum in Peenemünde, the submarine U-461, is at the pier of the former naval base and can be visited every day. Dive right in, in a very true sense of the word - into this naval world. Next, the ferry takes you to the mainland, to Freest and you cycle back to Wolgast.

Day 6: Wolgast – Lassan – Mellenthin, approx. 55 km

Your cycling holiday on Usedom takes you to Lassan, one of Germany's smallest towns. Despite its size, it has a lot to offer. St. Johannis Church, the remains of the Medieval town fortifications, the Lassan mill, and the restored timber-framed houses all adorn the town. The forests nearby and the town's location on the waterside give it its special flair. You cycle through Buggenhagen, where you can visit the manor house. Since 2013 it has accommodated the Till-Richter Museum. Now it's on, back to Meelenthin.

Day 7: Excursion to Lieper Winkel, approx. 35 km

A splendid avenue of chestnut trees takes you via challenging cycle paths to the peninsular of Lieper Winkel. It's between the backwaters and Peenestrom. The most well-known town here is Rankwitz. Thatched timber-framed houses and fisherman's houses give the village it's je ne sais quoi. In the quiet of these seemingly endless woods and fields on the peninsular, you cycle past an oak - the Suckow oak, which is some 700 years old. It's over 20 metres tall, the crown of the tree is 30 metres wide and the trunk has a circumference of 6.50 metres. Back in your hotel you can tank up on new energy with a back massage. This is available on any other day in Mellenthin, too.

Day 8: Individual departure or extended stay

Sadly your cycling holiday on Usedom has come to an end. We would be happy to extend your stay in Mellenthin if you wish.