The Oder-Neisse Cycle Tour

The Oder-Neisse Cycle Tour

From Upper Lusatia to the Baltic Sea

 Zittau – Frankfurt – Usedom

  • Old town center in Görlitz
  • Beaches of Usedom
  • Daily routes ●●●○○
  • Altitude profile ●●○○○


km / day avg.

On this tour from Zittau to Uckermünde you will cycle from the beautiful upper Lusatia highlands, through Sorbian territory rich in tradition and pristine river landscapes to the Stettiner Lagoon. Awesome nature landscapes, excellent cultural monuments and omnipresent testimonies of recent history accompany you on your Oder-Neisse cycle tour. Explore the German-Polish border and Germany´s most eastern cycle path on a tour which requires a certain level of fitness due to the rather long stretches.

The Oder-Neisse Cycle Tour
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  • Start / Destination
    Zittau / Isle of Usedom
  • Duration
    11 days, 10 nights
  • Length
    approx. 555 – 565 km
    Daily routes ●●●○○
    between 30 and 80 km, Ø 60 km
    Altitude profile ●●○○○

Day 1: Individual arrival in Zittau

Stroll through the small town in the far south east of Saxonia with the beautiful market place where the town hall, built by Schinkel, is located. You also shouldn´t miss the chance to see the famous Great Zittau Lenten Cloth. Enjoy the flair of this once Bohemian town, which today is located directly on the German-Czech border and where narrow gauge railways wait to take you to the surrounding spa towns. Booked rental bikes will be available at the hotel.

Day 2: Zittau – Görlitz, approx. 45 km

The first stretch of the journey takes you via Hirschfelde, where a former power station was converted into a museum, to Marienthal. An impressive Baroque convent of Cistercian nuns is located here. It is not only the oldest German convent of this order, but was also used continuously. Today´s destination Görlitz was not destroyed in the war and has many important buildings from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Art Nouveau.

Day 3: Görlitz – Bad Muskau, approx. 70 km

On quiet paths you will cycle along the Neiße. At Zentendorf you will pass the culture island Einsiedel, where a remarkable tree house hotel is located. Here you are not only in Upper Lusatia, but also in former Silesia, which stretched past the Neiße to the West. Count Pückler lived in Muskau, where he created a unique park and gave his name to the famous ice cream.

Day 4: Bad Muskau – Guben, approx. 70 km

After breakfast you will cycle further along the river. Place names such as Zelz and Bademeusel, give an indication of the Sorbian inhabitants. Forst is not only a border town, but also town of roses and has a cycling track for motor-paced races. You can either cycle leisurely to the twin-city Guben / Gubin or use the train.

Day 5: Guben – Frankfurt (Oder), approx. 65 km

Those who don't have a sensitive stomach can visit the Plastinarium before cycling to the confluence of Neiße and Oder. Afterwards, a visit to the Baroque convent Neuzelle, where famous dark beer is brewed, awaits you. Cycling via the former socialist planned city Eisenhüttenstadt, you reach Frankfurt, which established a university in 1506 for 1100 Schockgroschen, the currency of the time. The European University of Viadrina still has a good reputation today.

Day 6: Frankfurt (Oder) – Groß Neuendorf / Altlewin, approx. 65 km

Today´s stretch takes you through the Oder marsh, a cultural landscape which developed due to the straightening, embankment and drainage of the river in the 18th century. Settlers from all parts of Germany, Austria and French-speaking Switzerland found a new home here.

Day 7: Groß Neuendorf – Schwedt, approx. 70 km

Before you start cycling you can visit the castle. Once the nature park Unteres Odertal, which is home to many rare animals and plants, was located in a rural region, today it is downright deserted. In Stolpe, an old settlement of the Ukraners, you can see a primitive fortified tower, before reaching Schwedt. The town´s refineries are well known, however, it also offers culture and shopping opportunities.

Day 8: Schwedt – Löcknitz, approx. 75 – 80 km

After breakfast you will cycle to Gartz, which still has many medieval buildings. Shortly afterwards you will not cycle along the river Oder, but inland through forests and fields. The many place names ending on -ow indicate Slavic settlements. Today´s destination Löcknitz is already located in Western Pomerania, which is charming, despite the literal translation of its name (slough).

Day 9: Löcknitz – Ueckermünde, approx. 50 – 65 km

Small lakes and heath landscapes characterize your route today, which takes you through Western Pomerania to the coast of the Stettiner Lagoon. The lagoon used to be a glacial lake. Today it is approximately 4 metres deep and very rich in fish. At the mouth of the little river Uecker, the former fishing village Ueckermünde is located, which was not damaged in the war and was lovingly restored.

Day 10: Ueckermünde – Isle of Usedom, approx. 30 – 40 km + ferry ride

Today you will take the ferry to Kamminke, on the Island of Usedom. From the elevation Golm, which is 69 metres high, you have an impressive view over the lagoon and the Baltic Sea. However, one has to contemplate the recent German history, as one of the largest German war graves is located here. Through thin woods you will then cycle to the beaches of the Baltic Sea to today´s destination.

Day 11: Individual departure or extension of stay

After breakfast your Oder-Neisse cycle tour ends. If you wish we can extend your stay on the Isle of Usedom.