Cycling holidays in Berlin and Brandenburg

On the cucumber cycle path in the Spreewald
Cycling tours in Berlin and Brandenburg

Brandenburg - far-reaching views to the horizon, forest and crystal-clear lake waters, miles of avenues, and historical witnesses of the area's 1000 years of history. And not to forget - an excellently developed network of cycle paths.

Berlin - known the world over as a vibrant metropolis, where old and new meet and invite you to experience the city's art and culture. Combined, the city of Berlin and the state of Brandenburg are a perfect mix of nature, culture, and cycling pleasure.

Feeling peckish? The local Berlin and Brandenburg dishes are as varied as the colorful dialects spoken in these states. Try some Kassler - smoked pork - potatoes with sour cream and linseed oil, curried sausage, or a bread roll with minced meat (Hackepeterbrötchen!). The meals are flavorsome and varied. Refresh yourself with a Berliner Fassbrause or a Schwarzer Abt beer from the Neuzeller Abbey brewery!

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The Spreewald forest, to the southeast of Brandenburg, is one of Germany's most fascinating landscapes. Characterized by its many waterways and picturesque villages, it is known as the Venice of the North and bids you welcome. You start in the Niederlausitz, in Cottbus, cycle through Burg - Germany's biggest scattered settlement and visit Lübbenau Castle. Become acquainted with the traditions and customs of the Serbs, who live here and are inextricably linked with the Spreewald area. Try the most famous vegetable of the Spreewald, the Spreewald gherkin - pickled or well-seasoned - and most importantly with a snappy crunch! But the tour can get crunchier! On our 3-day tour of the Spreewald. In three days you get to see the Spreewald, short but sweet.

Along the Oder and Neisse rivers, which form the border, you can follow the traces of history and be inspired by the diverse nature of the countryside here. Covering some 600 kilometers, the Oder-Neisse cycle path takes you from the Czech Republic to the island of Usedom. Along the Brandenburg part of the cycle path, you get to the former Hanseatic town Frankfurt/Oder, the unspoiled Oderbruch moor, and past the castle ruins of Stolpe at Angermünde. From the crest of the dike, you can best watch the leisureliness of the two winding rivers and the flora and fauna of the diverse countryside.

Berlin, Berlin! Off to Berlin! Along the Elbe and Havel rivers. Starting in Hamburg. By bike. Following the course of the river, you soon reach the state of Brandenburg. You can take a break in the Prignitz town of Wittenberg, with its many monuments to nature and buildings, and the town of Brandenburg, known as the cradle of the Mark. A visit to Berlin can be organized at the end of the cycling holiday from Dresden to Potsdam. On your way, cross the Luther town of Wittenberg, cycle through Brandenburg's highest hill - the Fläming - and see the asparagus town of Beelitz.

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