The Danube by Bike and Boat

Bike and Boat on the Danube

Bike and Boat holidays on the Danube are some of our bestselling holidays. The cycle path between Passau and Vienna is one of the most popular cycle routes in Europe – and rightly so! Your hotel accompanies you for your entire trip – a truly unique experience. During the day you explore the most beautiful stretches of the Danube Cycle Path and in the evenings you watch the beautiful river scenery roll past from the deck of your cruise ship. If you’re ever not in the mood for a bike tour, you always have the option of staying on the boat instead.

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A Bike and Boat holiday also offers more time to visit the cities along the Danube, which are absolutely worth a visit. Your boat will take you to the next cultural highlight while you are still thinking about your last cycling stage, the impressive Baroque monasteries, or the Heurigen wine taverns in the Wachau region. You will not only explore Passau and Imperial Vienna, but you will also have the opportunity to extend your trip to Bratislava or even Budapest. In the Danube Delta a really unique Bike and Boat holiday awaits you on a holiday barge.

The classic Boat and Bike holiday on the Danube starts in Passau with a round trip to Vienna. You will experience a relaxing week, cycle around the Danube riverbend and the once feared Strudengau region. You will visit the impressive Melk monastery and spend a relaxing day in Baroque Vienna. Alternatively, you can travel further from Passau and visit Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. The three cities were once centres of empires and kingdoms, and still gleam with regal splendour today. Whether you want to sail on the MS Prinzessin Katharina, MS Carissima, or the MS Primadonna, which offers more comfort, is completely up to you.

An extended Bike and Boat holiday on the Danube awaits you on board the MS Carissima: In 15 days you will sail from Passau to Bratislava and Budapest, before reaching Belgrade – the Iron Gate on the border between Serbia and Romania. This journey holds a very special treat: You will have lots of time to explore the Danube metropolis Vienna.

At the Black Sea, around kilometre 0 of the Danube, a very special journey awaits you: A tugboat lets you experience a Bike and Boat holiday at the Danube Delta. Your holiday barge, a small and cosy floating hotel, will be taken to the various arms of the estuary by a tugboat. On your bike you will explore this seemingly untouched and idyllic landscape, which is a special habitat for many animal and plant species. In the evenings you will enjoy the view of the unique landscape from the sun deck.

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