Travel report: Family Cycling at Lake Constance

By our guests Andrea and Arno

Lindau, Kaiserstrand

Meersburg, Obersee, Alpenpanorama

Our guests Andrea and Arno have deliberately chosen the trip Family Cycling at Lake Constance. On this round trip, they visited the beautiful cities of Constance, Friedrichshafen, Lindau and Bregenz at a leisurely pace. There was also enough time to visit Mainau Island and the pile dwellings. Read the report about their relaxed family bike trip on Lake Constance.


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Dear Radweg-Reisen team!
First, we would like to thank you for the organization of the beautiful vacation.

Deliberately we have opted, as adults at a mature age, for the family tour. We are no longer the youngest, also somewhat untrained and this was our first longer bike tour. Thus, it seemed and indeed was the ideal tour. The stages are not too long and the gradients manageablr. We are "honest cyclists", without electric support. ;-) The tour description in the catalog, the organization with regard to luggage transport and the hotel reservation testify to the professional attitude of your company.

The first day was fully spent arriving in Constance, without haste and with breaks. Around 6 p.m. we then arrived and treated ourselves to a hearty dinner and one or to regional beers.

On day 2, we really got started!

What genereally applies to the entire trip: Strengthened by the good breakfast we started every morning around 9:30 a.m. The signage is hardly to be overlooked on the entire tour, so in our opinion you can also cycle without a map. We have used only the compiled map sections with regard to the exact address / location of the accommodations. Plus: The summarized documents are abundant in valuable information, references such as bicycle repair shops, sights, ferry connections, ...
Due to the short stages we had plenty of time to look at sights. From our point of view, the most beautiful of them: the Island of Mainau, Meersburg, the pile dwellings, the Island of Lindau; Pfänder; Constance ...

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Meersburg old town
View from Pfänder towards south-east
View from the Pfänder on the Upper Lake

Our conclusion

There's plenty of playgrounds for the kids, as well as lidos all around Lake Constance.

In a culinary way, we tried new regional dishes and must say, there's something for everybody's taste.

The contact with the staff was positive. Nice and friendly, although certainly sometimes annoyed by the many tourists.

Organizationally, everything had gone smoothly. The luggage always arrived in the accommodations on time, the rooms were clean, breakfast was good, partly also very good. Surely one or the other hotel could be deleted from the available options location of the hotel.
But basically sufficient for an overnight stay.

So it was a successful vacation and we are already thinking about where the next bike tour should take us.

Once again a thank you and sunny greetings from the Rhineland.

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