Travel report: Lake Constance (07.06. - 13.06.2021)

From our guests Georg and Dagmar

Lake view

We arrived relaxed on Monday and could already move into our room at the ABC Hotel in Constance around noon. We experienced a very nice reception and received helpful tips for orientation in Constance. After checking in and unpacking, we took a look around the nice town. In the harbor area we enjoyed a first delicious drink.

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08.06.2021: Round trip around the Untersee (58 km)

Reichenau Island was explored and at the boat dock (crossing to the Höri peninsula) we noticed that we still had plenty of time for a drink. Since the dock in Gaienhofen was broken and closed, we docked at the next station and had saved about 4 kilometers of cycling. We used the time in the beautiful Stein am Rhein. Then we made our way to Konstanz in optimal "cycling weather". On the way to the hotel we discovered the restaurant "Constanzer Wirtshaus". In the beer garden we had a delicious beer and reserved a table for the evening. After freshening up, we headed to the "Constanzer Wirtshaus" and got a seat in the beer garden. Very pleasant atmosphere and delicious food. Dark clouds moved in and suddenly heavy rain set in, forcing all the guests to flee inside the restaurant. Partly still with food, our plates were fortunately empty. We found a place at the bar and had a nice conversation with an Irish compatriot who was employed by the Swiss naval fleet and had interesting anecdotes to tell. We were then able to make our way home to the hotel without any rain.

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09.06.2021: Around Lake Überlingen (68 km)

The bike path led us along the Untersee to the beautiful town of Radolfzell. After we had looked at the beautiful old town, we continued to Bodman. We had to overcome some ascents, which was very sweaty in the muggy air. Then dark thunderclouds moved in and we decided to take the precaution of going to a beer garden in Bodman. We were spared the thunderstorm, but heavy rain forced us to take a two-hour break, which we bridged with a delicious tarte flambée and a drink. With a light drizzle, we decided to continue our journey with rain capes. After about four kilometers we could take off the rain gear in Ludwigshafen and shortly before Überlingen the roads were dry. We cycled on relaxed and in Meersburg we could directly take the car ferry to Konstanz-Staad. After a pleasant crossing, we cycled the five kilometers to the old town and on to the hotel.


10.06.2015: Constance - Kressbronn (59 km)

We knew the way to the ferry to Staad from the day before. We enjoyed the crossing to Meersburg in beautiful weather. We left the bikes in the shore area and went to the beautiful historical old town and castle. Around noon we reached Friedrichshafen. We took a break in the very beautiful park on the shore. Afterwards we continued our trip via Eriskirch, Langenargen to Kressbronn.
Better preparation for the day's destination would have saved us some distance. I had suspected the yacht hotel "Schattmaier" in Kressbronn. An attentive look at the map would have shown me that we should have left for the marina already in the district of Gohren. So we had to turn around in Kressbronn (forward, we have to go back). But this had something good, because we discovered the former Bodanwerft site, which has been converted into an event and restaurant area. Very appealing.

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11.06.2021: Kressbronn - Höchst (73 km)

This stage took us via Nonnenhorn and Wasserburg to Lindau. After passing the already usual Corona quick test in the pedestrian zone of the island town, we explored it on foot. At the old seaport we found a nice table overlooking the harbor and Lake Constance and enjoyed drinks, the view and the weather. We then continued our tour via Lochau to Bregenz to Fußach. There we decided to take the longer route along Lake Constance and drove via Gaißau to the "Hotel Linde" in Höchst. We made another stop at a nicely located restaurant with a view of the small boat harbor and the lake. Very nice alternative route through a nature reserve. We found the hotel in the small town center. To our surprise, our luggage had already been transported to our room and we were allowed to park our bikes in the garage.


Freshly showered, we took an exploratory walk through the town, which, however, as already announced in the hotel, had nothing outstanding to offer. The food on the hotel terrace was very tasty. Small downer, our room was on the top floor and was oriented to the west. Sunlight until sunset and accordingly warm. After we figured out the window function to open wide, we could at least ventilate well. The night was then more or less bearable.
The next morning we enjoyed the varied and very tasty breakfast and set off on the last leg back to Constance.

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12.06.2021: Höchst - Constance (57 km)

In pleasant temperatures we start our last stage to Konstanz. It goes over a well-built bike path, which we partly already knew from the previous day, via Rorschach and Arbon to Romanshorn. On the shore we find a nice place for a break and enjoy the landscape and watch ships on the water.
Afterwards we continued our trip to Konstanz. There was no place to stop along the bike path. Shortly before Kreuzlingen we discovered the beautifully situated restaurant "Schloss Seeburg". There we finally had the longed for cold drink. In Kreuzlingen we made a detour to the harbor with the huge water fountain. We did not consciously notice the border crossing. We were "suddenly" in the harbor area of Constance at the Ferris wheel.

Lake Constance

It was very crowded in the outdoor areas of the pubs located there and we decided to cycle to the Konstanzer Wirtshaus, hoping to sit there nicer. Our wish came true, we got a place in the beer garden. Our wish to reserve a table for the evening could not be fulfilled, fully booked. We followed the suggestion of the staff to take a drink or two in peace and then go straight to dinner. Since we still wanted to eat the very good looking Kaiserschmarrn at the end, the large salad plate and macaroni was shared. We were very satisfied, everything very tasty. After this enjoyment we went back to the hotel.
We got the same room again, our luggage was on site, the car was taken out of the underground garage and after freshening up, we cycled again into the old town. In one of the alleys was fortunately a table in front of a small wine bar free. We took a "Abschiedsviertele" and had a nice conversation with the guests at the neighboring table. A nice end to our great Lake Constance bike tour.


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Aperol by the lake