Lake Constance and Allgäu Bike Tour

Lake Constance and Allgäu Bike Tour

Through Lake Constance hinterland to the Danube

  • Radweg-Reisen Tour
  • Round trip from Constance
  • Daily routes ●●○○○
  • Altitude profile ●●●○○
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km / day avg.

Golden-tipped onion domes, Baroque inn signs over low doors and gentle green hills - that's what you can expect in Upper Swabia. Starting at Lake Constance you will not only explore the Swabian hinterland, but also visit the rushing Rhine Falls and the volcanic hills of the Hegau. The impressive valley surrounding the young Danube takes you into the heart of Upper Swabia. Over rough, bare rocks, the winding Danube follows the gentle landscape of the Upper Swabian spa region and the charming Allgäu area. The snow covered peaks of the Alps are constantly in view, and always seem to be getting closer on this fantastic bike tour. Back at Lake Constance you could even think they were looming right up out of the lake.

Lake Constance, Danube and Allgäu by Bike

Brief Information

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  • Start / Destination
  • Duration
    9 days, 8 nights
  • Length
    approx. 360 / 380 km
    Daily routes ●●○○○
    between 40 and 65 km, Ø 55 km
    Altitude profile ●●●○○
  • Route condition
    Partly flat, partly hilly terrain. Runs mainly along asphalted cycle paths and sometimes along dirt-tracks.
  • Parking information
    Fenced parking at our office, cost: 40 € / booked holiday, can be booked online.
    Free parking on public roads.
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harbour, Constance
harbour, Constance

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Day 1: Individual arrival in Constance

You will begin your cycle trip in Constance, the largest town on the Lake of Constance, which is still very medieval in character to this day. In 1414 it hosted the only Church Council to ever be held north of the Alps. A small museum plays tribute to the Czech Reformer Jan Hus, who was burnt at the stake here. The Swiss town of Kreuzlingen is located directly next to Constance. The harbour and lakeside area with its beautiful park are worth a visit here.

cyclists, Stein am Rhein
on the way in Stein am Rhein

Day 2: Constance – Schaffhausen, approx. 50 km

Your bike tour takes you out of Konstanz, off through picturesque Swiss fishing villages. Along the waterside, the path takes you to Stein am Rhein with its beautiful fresco-decorated, medieval houses. Switching several times between Germany and Switzerland you reach the canton's capital, Schaffhausen. The town, whose citizens competed in building numerous gables on their houses, is overlooked by Munot fort.

boating, Rhine Falls
boating at the Rhine Falls

Day 3: Schaffhausen – Rhine Falls ‒ Radolfzell, approx. 55 km

After breakfast you will cycle the short distance to the Rhine Waterfall, the largest waterfall in Europe. You will then continue up along the Rhine back to Stein am Rhein and along the Höri Peninsula, where Otto Dix painted and onto Gaienhofen, where Hermann Hesse lived for a while. There will be numerous beautiful views along the route towards the Monastic Island of Reichenau and the volcanic landscape of Hegau.

city view, Mühlheim at Danube
city view, Mühlheim

Day 4: Radolfzell – Mühlheim, approx. 40 km + train ride or approx. 60 km

Today, you cycle away from Lake Constance into the Hegau region with its extinct volcanoes and head towards the Danube. If you want to avoid the 500 m climb ahead, we can recommend the train journey (not included in price) from Engen to Tuttlingen. If you don’t mind taking the hilly challenge, you pedal via small, picturesque valleys to the Hegaualb. Its peak at Witthoh is 862 m high – and the highest point of this section. On clear days you can see as far as the Zugspitze. Now speeding downhill you shortly arrive on the Danube and follow the Danube cycle path to Mühlheim.

castle Sigmaringen
castle Sigmaringen

Day 5: Mühlheim – Sigmaringen, approx. 50 km

Today you will travel through the Danube opening which will probably be one of the most beautiful sections of your trip. Between Fridingen and Beuron there will be no cars or trains to disrupt your cycling enjoyment and the abbey in Beuron is the perfect place to take a break. The river and cycle path snake between towering chalk cliffs on the way to Sigmaringen, the former capital town of the principality of the same name.

celts museum, Heuneburg
celts museum, Heuneburg

Day 6: Sigmaringen – Bad Waldsee, approx. 65 km

You will follow along the Danube to Hundersingen, which was an influential Celtic town during the Bronze Age and which is brought to life in the open-air museum. Then you will turn off in a southerly direction towards the Upper Swabian spa region. Your destination was once an independent imperial abbey which is situated directly on the Lake.

city view, Wolfegg
city view, Wolfegg

Day 7: Bad Waldsee – Wangen im Allgäu, approx. 45 km

Today leads you through the wonderful landscape of the Allgäu region. Why not take a visit back in time in the expansive farmhouse museum to the era of servants and labourers. Cycling though the climatic spa town of Kißlegg, you will come to Wangen, the former imperial town. Intact city towers, countless fountains, gothic streets and Baroque inn-signs all combine in todays destination.

New Castle, Tettnang
New Castle, Tettnang

Day 8: Wangen – Friedrichshafen – Constance, approx. 55 km + catamaran ride

Today you will cycle back into the hilly landscape of Upper Swabia. After Neukirch comes one of the most important hop-growing regions in Germany, before the landscape becomes dominated by apple trees and orchards. In Kressbronn you will come to Lake Constance, the banks of which you will follow along until coming to Friedrichshafen. From the promenade you can enjoy a fantastic view on the Swiss Alps. You take the catamaran back to Constance.

Rhine, Constance
Rhine, Constance

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Day 9: Individual departure or extension of stay

After breakfast your Lake Constance and Allgäu bike tour comes to an end and you will return home. We would, however, be more than happy to extend your holiday on the Lake.