Travel report: The bicycle club "Krumme Speiche" on the road in the Altmühltal Nature Park, June 2021

From our guests Ilse, Hans Hermann, Renate, Harry, Christa, Peter, Anke and Willi

The Altmühl - bicycle tour

Our bicycle club "Krumme Speiche" undertakes a bicycle tour every year. It consists of five couples - this year unfortunately only four. This year it was the 15th tour. We come from the northern districts of Stade and Cuxhaven and are now all between 70 and 80 years old. This year we want to explore the Altmühltal. Despite Corona, everything worked out wonderfully again.

Monday 21.06.2021

We start in Hemmoor. We want to start...but at the station there is a train accident. After about 1.5 hours we take the bus to Stade. Of course our train left Hamburg without us. A friendly railroad employee finds another train for us, which then takes us to Nuremberg. At 6:30 p.m. we are at our hotel in Kinding. Finally a cool beer! We were on the road for 11 hours!

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RFC Krumme Speiche


Tuesday, 22.06.2021

After breakfast we saddle our bikes. They are really good! We start towards Fitting and take a break in Weißenburg. In sunshine we continue via Graben to Wettelsheim to our next hotel: Phew, the route was quite exhausting for us "flatland Indians"! Everyone is happy when we reach the hotel after 65 kilometers. This year we booked with half board. In Corona times a very good decision. The food is very tasty everywhere and we can enjoy the evening on the terrace.

Start of the cycling tour


Wednesday, 23.06.2021

During the night it has rained. But after breakfast the sun shines and we cycle towards the Altmühlsee. The route around the Altmühlsee is a paradise. Great! There we also discover the replica of a Roman ship. They are still working diligently on the hull, all on a voluntary basis. After 63 kilometers and many breaks we are back at the hotel in Wettelsheim.

Swimming stop

Thursday, 24.06.2021

At night it has rained again. We start as usual at 9:00 am with sunshine. With a "small bridge tour" we start. We continue via Graben to Treuchtlingen. First we do a Kneipp cure in the spa gardens of Treuchtlingen. We practice "Wassertreten" - always like a stork - a spa guest instructs us. Quite fresh! Then we marvel at a locomotive built in 1934 and set up in the town. We continue along the Altmühl to Pappenheim. There we discover the "Weidenkirche", built and maintained by the protestant youth and the rural youth. We are totally thrilled! A big praise to the young people. Great!
Next, we are thrilled by the water lilies blooming in an arm of the Altmühl River. In Solnhofen, the 12 Apostles await us. We enjoy the Altmühl valley and after about 50 kilometers we arrive at our hotel in Wasserzell.

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Willibaldsburg Eichstätt
Locomotive from 1934
Locomotive from 1934
Pappenheim willow church
Pappenheim willow church

Friday, 25.06.2021

Today we start for our last "bike day", of course with sun. We enjoy pure nature and look for a place to keep our feet in the Altmühl, wonderfully refreshing. Shortly after 14.00 o'clock then nevertheless dark clouds pull on and it begins to rain. Thus our rainwear will be used. Without any further breaks we return to our hotel in Kinding. In the evening we review the beautiful bike tour with a beer and look forward to our tour 2022.

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