Bayreuth, Festspielhaus

The Main Valley Cycle Route from Bayreuth to Mainz

Experience the Main in its full length

Bayreuth – Aschaffenburg – Mainz

  • Radweg-Reisen Tour
  • Beer and Wine Franconia, Mainschleife Volkach
  • Marienberg Fortress Würzburg, Main metropolis Frankfurt, Mainz Cathedral
  • Daily routes ●●○○○, altitude profile ●○○○○


Ø km per day

On the main valley cycle route from Bayreuth to Mainz you will experience the Main in its full length. First you cycle along the Red Main, which rises just south of the festival city of Bayreuth. At Kulmbach, the two headwaters of the Red and White Main join to form the Main, which will accompany you throughout the entire cycle tour until it flows into the Rhine. You will pass numerous historic towns such as Bamberg, Würzburg, Schweinfurt, Miltenberg and Aschaffenburg. The landscapes also change: from romantic Franconian Switzerland and the pristine Fichtelgebirge mountains, you cycle through the Steigerwald and Haßberge nature parks until you pass the vineyards of Franconian wine country and the Liebliche Taubertal valley as well as the Spessart nature park. For gourmets, the different regions along the Main also have a lot to offer. Sample the different types of beer, the excellent wines and the typical Franconian food. Due to the few ascents, the main valley cycle route from Bayreuth to Mainz is perfect for beginners, families and pleasure cyclists.

  • Booking code
  • Start / Destination
    Bayreuth / Mainz
  • Duration
    14 days / 13 nights
  • Length
    approx. 545 km
    Daily routes ●●○○○
    between 30 and 55 km, Ø 45 km
    Altitude profile ●○○○○
Volkach Main Loop

Day 1: Individual arrival in Bayreuth

Welcome on your bike tour on the Main Valley Cycle Route from Bayreuth to Mainz! Use the time to explore the home of the world-famous Richard Wagner Festival. You should not only pay a visit to the Festspielhaus and the Margravial Opera House. During a walk through the impressive Hermitage, you will experience magnificent architecture in the middle of the historic park.

Bayreuth, Festival Hall

Festival hall in Bayreuth

Day 2: Bayreuth - Kulmbach, approx. 30 km

At the beginning of your bike tour on the Main Valley Cycle Route from Bayreuth to Mainz, you will first follow the Red Main, which rises slightly south of Bayreuth in the Franconian Alb. Once you arrive in Kulmbach, you should explore the town's landmark, Plassenburg Castle. This is one of the most impressive Renaissance buildings in Germany and is home to several museums. During a walk through the winding alleys of the town, be sure to try the typical Kulmbach bratwurst.

Kulmbach, city, roofs, church


Day 3: Kulmbach - Bad Staffelstein, approx. 45 km

After a few kilometres, the two headwaters of the Red and White Main rivers join to form the Main. You follow the young Main through a wide valley on the northern edge of the Franconian Alb and pass the two small towns of Burgkunstadt and Lichtenfels. Until you reach your stage destination Bad Staffelstein, the Main flows through a culturally rich valley. On a hill you can see the pilgrimage church of Vierzehnheiligen from afar. It is one of the most important buildings of the German Baroque period. On the opposite bank is the Benedictine monastery of Banz, founded in the 11th century.

Bad Staffelstein, city hall, old town

The town hall in Bad Staffelstein

Day 4: Bad Staffelstein - Bamberg, approx. 35 km

Past green meadows, you continue cycling along the Main, which now runs through a floodplain landscape in numerous river meanders. Along the way, picturesque little villages and lakes invite you to take a break. Soon you reach Bamberg, which was once built on seven hills like Rome. Use the time to explore the unique old town with its numerous listed buildings. The city is known for its diverse beer tradition. After a leisurely stroll through the city, enjoy a fine beer before cycling to Weinfranken tomorrow

Bamberg, river, old town


Day 5: Bamberg - Hassfurt, approx. 35 km

On today's stage of your Main Valley Cycle Tour from Bayreuth to Mainz, you first follow the Regnitz until it flows into the Main at Bischberg. With the Steigerwald forest on your left and the Haßberge mountains on your right, you cycle along the Main. If you want to cool off on the way, you can take a break at the quarry pond in Sand am Main. You will realise that you are now in Weinfranken when you reach the picturesque half-timbered and wine-growing town of Zeil am Main. From here it is not far to your stage destination Hassfurt. A leisurely stroll through the town reveals rarities from times gone by. One example is the unique Haßfurt Knight's Chapel by Tilmann Riemenschneider.

haßfurt, church


Day 6: Hassfurt - Volkach, approx. 50 km

Today, the route takes you leisurely past romantic wine villages and lush green meadows along the Main. Treat yourself to a break in the former imperial city of Schweinfurt. Your destination for today is Volkach on the Mainschleife. This is the only place on the entire Main where the river actually makes a loop. In Volkach, explore the market square with its historic town hall and the Schelfenhaus, a 17th century town palace. Since Volkach has a history of over 1100 years of Franconian wine, there is a large selection of wine taverns. You should definitely try the regional good wine!

Schweinfurt, Main, Church

View of Schweinfurt

Day 7: Volkach - Ochsenfurt / Sommerhausen, approx. 45 / 50 km

For the first few kilometres of today's stage of the Main Valley Cycle Route from Bayreuth to Mainz, you will continue to follow the Mainschleife. At Schwarzach am Main, you can already see the Benedictine Abbey of Münsterschwarzach from afar. It is well worth a visit! Via Kitzingen you finally reach the sugar town of Ochsenfurt. With its picturesque half-timbered houses, the town has a largely preserved medieval fortification. If you stay overnight in Sommerhausen, you can comfortably roll on for a few more kilometres.

Ochsenfurt, old town, playground


Day 8: Sommerhausen - Karlstadt, approx. 45 km

Today's highlight is a visit to Würzburg. The city is known for its Baroque and Rococo style buildings. The 18th-century Residence and the Marienberg Fortress, which rises on a promontory above the Main River, deserve special mention. After the city tour, get back on your bike and cycle past beautiful vineyards. Via Veitshöchheim with its castle of the same name and the magnificent rococo garden, the tour continues to Karlstadt. During a leisurely evening stroll through the narrow streets, the numerous half-timbered houses will catch your eye.

Würzburg, city, sights, Old Main Bridge

View of Würzburg old town

Day 9: Karlstadt - Marktheidenfeld, approx. 50 km

You leave Karlstadt behind and follow the course of the Main Cycle Route until you reach Gemünden am Main. During a longer break, it is worth visiting the ruins of Scherenburg Castle, which is located above the town centre. From here you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Spessart Nature Park. Soon you reach Marktheidenfeld, which impresses with its beautiful old town. Pay a visit to the Franck House – according to tradition, sparkling wine production was invented here in Germany. The diverse range of restaurants will convince you with Franconian specialities and delicious Franconian wine.

Rothenfels, castle, landscape

Rothenfels Castle

Day 10: Marktheidenfeld - Freudenberg / Bürgstadt, approx. 50 / 55 km

Today's stage is characterised by beautiful landscapes, picturesque villages and charming castle ruins. Near Homburg you will see the castle towering high above the Main. You reach Wertheim via the Urpharer Main loop. The ruins of Wertheim Castle are a real eye-catcher. If you want a magnificent view of the old town with its numerous half-timbered houses and the picturesque river landscape, you should not shy away from the climb. Following the curving meanders of the Main, you will comfortably reach your destinations of the day, Freudenberg and Bürgstadt, respectively.

city prozelten, heneburg, river, landscape

View of Stadtprozelten and Heneburg Castle

Day 11: Freudenberg - Aschaffenburg, approx. 50 km

After just a few kilometres you will reach Miltenberg. The town impresses with its old town full of medieval half-timbered buildings and romantic alleys. You follow the course of the river almost without any ascents through the elevations of the Spessart-Mainland until you reach Klingenberg. A medieval-style tower offers a viewing platform at a height of 22 metres, from which you can enjoy a magnificent view. Accompanied by numerous boats on the Main, you approach Aschaffenburg in a relaxed manner. The city welcomes you with a city ensemble worth seeing and is waiting to be explored.

Johannisburg Castle, Aschaffenburg, Main

Johannesburg Castle in Aschaffenburg

Day 12: Aschaffenburg - Frankfurt, approx. 55 km

On the penultimate stage of your Main Valley Cycle Route from Bayreuth to Mainz, you say goodbye to Bavaria and soon pass the state border with Hesse. On the way, you will come across the romantic town of Seligenstadt, where you should take a break. The old town with its winding alleys and defiant half-timbered houses will delight you. The monastery complex with its courtyard and gardens and the Einhard Basilica are also not to be missed. Via Hanau and Offenbach you will finally reach Frankfurt.

Frankfurt on the Main, Main, Skyline

The skyline of Frankfurt am Main

Day 13: Frankfurt - Mainz, approx. 45 km

You leave the Main metropolis behind and cycle through more rural areas again. Orchard meadows, fields and vineyards line your path. Via Flörsheim you reach Hochheim. The town with its numerous cultural-historical, listed buildings is perfect for a lunch break. You follow the Main until it flows into the Rhine at Mainz. The old town of Mainz with its quaint half-timbered houses and imposing cathedral invites you to take a longer walk. Finally, enjoy a glass of regional wine in a rustic wine tavern and toast to a successful holiday.

Christ Church, Mainz, Flowers

The Christ Church in Mainz

Day 14: Individual departure or extension of stay

After the many beautiful impressions of your bike tour along the Main Valley Cycel Route from Bayreuth to Mainz, you must now say goodbye to the Main. If you still need more time to explore the capital of Rhineland-Palatinate, we will be happy to extend your stay with an extra night.

Mainz, Main, city from above

View of Mainz

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  • Booking code
  • Start / Destination
    Bayreuth / Mainz
  • Duration
    14 days / 13 nights
  • Length
    approx. 545 km
    Daily routes ●●○○○
    between 30 and 55 km, Ø 45 km
    Altitude profile ●○○○○
  • Parking information
    Public car parks, cost: 10 – 20 € / day
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    On your own by train, connections several times a day, 1 – 3 train changes , duration approx. 4 – 5 hours
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    The trip is only conditionally suitable for people with limited mobility.
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