Cycle tour Lueneburg Heath

Lüneburg Heath Bike Tour

Roundtrip from Bremen into the unique heath

 Lueneburg – Celle – Lueneburg

  • Hundertwasser Terminal in Uelzen
  • Pure Nature in the Lueneburg Heath
  • Daily routes ●●○○○
  • Altitude profile ●●○○○


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“Back there in the heath, where the birch tree stands....” this is how one of the most famous heath songs of Hermann Löns begins. The Lueneburg Heath is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Northern Germany. Untouched heath areas, grazing Heidschnucken heath sheep and countless diverse towns such as Uelzen, Soltau or Lueneburg characterise this journey. Cycle along excellent cycle paths through a mostly flat landscape – you will definitely not find any high hills here. As there are some slightly hilly stretches on forest paths and several stretches on sandy paths you should have a certain level of fitness for this cycle tour in the Lueneburg Heath.

Lüneburg Heath Bike Tour
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  • Start / Destination
  • Duration
    8 days / 7 nights
  • Length
    approx. 290 – 305 km
    Daily routes ●●○○○
    between 35 and 65 km, Ø 50 km
    Altitude profile ●●○○○

Day 1: Individual arrival in Lüneburg

Lüneburg looks back on a long and proud history. Neanderthal man settled close to the town of today. In the Middle Ages, Lüneburg developed into a booming trading town thanks to its trade with salt. Even today you can be amazed at the history of salt mining on a visit to the German salt museum. The historic quarter is almost entirely intact still - a visit to Lüneburg is a truly unique experience.

Day 2: Lüneburg – Uelzen, approx. 55 km

From Lüneburg, you explore Lüneburg Heath. Your first section takes you through very typical heathland till you reach your destination in Uelzen. The former Hanseatic and enterprising cultural town awaits your visit. It has a lovely townscape featuring lots of half-timbered houses. The station is the most well known. It was converted by Friedrich Hundertwasser in his incomparable style.

Day 3: Uelzen – Celle, approx. 60 km

Today's section takes you through Müritzsee National Park. The description of the village of Scharnhorst from the 19th century is apt: 1 free farmstead, 5 full farmsteads, 4 semi-farmsteads, 3 cottagers, 1 of the Weser Renaissance style.

Day 4: Celle – Hermannsburg / surrounding area, approx. 40 km

Along the River Örtze, the little wooden bridges here a perfect for stopping and spending some time admiring at the valley. Log driving once increased the importance of this river as an essential way of transporting resources. Hermannsburg looks back on a 1000-year history. The Saxon duke, Hermann Billung, is considered the founder - when he chose the area around today's Church of St Peter and St Paul as the location for his castle. The town went on to develop further when cottagers, smallholders and craftsmen settled here.

Day 5: Hermannsburg – Soltau, approx. 50 km

Today, on your way to Soltau you will pass a monument to the poet, Hermann Löns. When you arrive in Soltau it's worth going on a tour of the town - a number of interesting churches were built here in the 15th century. The large toy museum and the old town hall are also worth a visit. The theme park, Heide Park Soltau is probably the most famous attraction. It is North Germany's largest theme park.

Day 6: Soltau - Schneverdingen, approx. 35 km

Today, you leave Soltau for Schneverdingen. On the way, you stop in Weideholz, which is where the last battle of knights took place. Here you will also find the former heath farmstead, Möhr, and visit the gothic church in Wolterdingen. When you get to Schneverdingen, we recommend visiting the heather garden, which gives you an overview of the 130 different types of heather there are here.

Day 7: Schneverdingen - Lüneburg, approx. 50 – 65 km

Your tour today takes you through some beautiful, totally unspoiled heathland. Junipers, broom and heather typify the landscape, which is kept free by the grazing Heidschnuck sheep. Your last section by bike takes you into the old university town of Lüneburg. In addition to the historic quarter, the old harbour and baroque town hall are interesting sights to visit.

Day 8: Individual departure or extended stay

After breakfast, your cycling holiday in Lüneburg's Heath comes to an end with your individual departure home. We would be happy to extend your cycling holiday in Lüneburg if you like.