Cycle Tour in Poland

Cycle Tour in Poland

Half-guided trip along the Vistula River

Krakau – Sandomierz – Warschau

  • Leszczynski-Residence, royal castle in Warsaw
  • Halfboard included!
  • Daily routes ●●○○○
  • Altitude profile ●●○○○


km / day avg.

With 1050 km, the Vistula is Poland’s longest river. Follow on this cycle tour in Poland the course of the river for 250 km from Krakow to Warsaw, where the natural landscape remains almost untouched. Countless endangered species, such as otters, beavers and muskrats have found a home at the Vistula. You will start your journey in Krakow, which is the second largest Polish city with around 760.000 inhabitants. A guided tour will give you an insight into this fascinating metropolis. On your bike you will visit old and historically important sites, such as the medieval town Sandomierz, Piotrawin Palace and the Renaissance Castle in Baranów. After a week of cycling you will reach Poland’s capital. Warsaw has a moving and tragic history and is full of contrasts, but this is what makes the city so appealing!

This cycle tour is a semi-guided tour. You will be accompanied by a driver with whom you will meet at fixed transfer times. You have both the freedom of an individual cycle tour in terms of speed and break times, as well as the security of a guided trip. Because should you ever need help, there is always someone near you.

Cycle Tour in Poland
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  • Start / Destination
    Krakow / Warsaw
  • Duration
    8 days, 7 nights
  • Length
    approx. 275 km
    Daily routes ●●○○○
    between 35 and 60 km, Ø 45 km
    Altitude profile ●●○○○

Day 1: Individual arrival in Krakow

Day 2: Krakow – Niepolomice – Hebdów, approx. 35 km + transfer

Day 3: Hebdów – Zalipie – Baranów Sandomierski, appox. 55 km + transfer

Day 4: Baranów Sandomierski – Sandomierz, approx. 40 km

Day 5: Sandomierz – Józefów / Piotrawin, approx. 60 km

Day 6: Józefów – Kazimierz Dolny, approx. 45 km

Day 7: Kazimierz Dolny – Warsaw, approx. 40 km + transfer

Day 8: Individual departure or extension of stay