Bike Tour along the North Sea Coast

Bike Tour along the North Sea Coast

Cycling in North Frisia around Husum

 Day trips from Husum

  • Radweg-Reisen Tour
  • Excursions to St. Peter Ording, Friedrichstadt and the Hallig Hooge
  • Ferry ride to the Hallig Hogge included!
  • Daily routes ●●○○○
  • Altitude profile ●○○○○


km / day avg.

The poet and author Theodor Storm once referred to Husum as a grey town on the coast. There's not a trace of grey today: Husum is colourful and lively and the tidal port is the hub of the town. Take a trip to the North Sea Museum, which informs all about the Halligen islands and the life and culture of the North Frisians, and attune yourself to the next few days of cycling along the North Sea coast. You will always be leaving from Husum and the daily sections of the tour will take you to Hallig Hooge and its dwelling mounds – but that is not all! You also visit St. Peter Ording: Here the houses are on stilts, the beach is an amazing 12 km in length and the Böhler lighthouse can be seen from afar. Another day trip takes you via the former Dutch town of Friedrichstadt to Tönning. Many locals consider Tönning harbour to be the most beautiful on the Schleswig-Holstein west coast. Feel the fresh North Sea breeze on your skin, get to know the endearing manner of the North Frisians and don't forget to try a plate of Labskaus!

Centre Tour Husum
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  • Start / Destination
  • Duration
    5 days, 4 nights
  • Length
    approx. 125 km + tour on Hallig Hooge island
    Daily routes ●●○○○
    between 25 and 60 km by bike, Ø 45 km
    Altitude profile ●○○○○
On the Bike Tour along the North Sea Coast

Day 1: Individual arrival in Husum

There's hardly a better place than Husum as your base to explore the North Sea coast. Watching the tide change is a highlight in itself. Over the centuries Husum has grown into quite a metropolis and leaves nothing to be desired! In terms of cuisine and culture - you have the best place to start your cycle tours on the North Sea coast.

Sankt Peter Ording
Sankt Peter Ording

Day 2: Day trip to St. Peter Ording, approx. 60 km + train ride

Your first day in the saddle starts rather atypically by train. The train takes you from Husum to St. Peter Ording. When you get there you will have reached the heart of the North Sea coastline. A quick dip and a walk along the beach are a must before you hop on to your bike and set off towards Westerhever. It's an easy cycle via Uelvesbüll right along the coast back to Husum.

Hallig Hooge
Hallig Hooge

Day 3: Day trip to Hallig Hooge, approx. 25 km + ferry rides and transfer

You have plenty of time to explore the peninsula at Nordstrand, as you don't get the ferry to the Halligen until midday. The Halligen are small marsh islands in the shallows and flood completely several times every year. Thanks to the dwelling mounds - artificially made higher areas - people can live on the islands all year round. Hallig Hooge, with its ten mounds, is the biggest Halligen island. Look forward to exploring this unique countryside! It is only in the evening that you come back to Nordstrand. You can then easily get back to Husum by transfer.


Day 4: Day trip to Friedrichstadt and Tönning, approx. 40 km + train ride

Through Südermarsch, today's bike tour takes you to Friedrichsstadt first of all. Walk along the many canals in this Dutch town. On your way to Tönning you will pass typical North German villages and the well-known manor house at Hoyerswort. An idyllic harbour town awaits you in the form Tönning. Boats and fishing are found here a-plenty. You shouldn't miss out on trying something fresh from the catch!

Cyclists on the Bike Tour along the North Sea Coast

Day 5: Individual departure or extended stay

After breakfast your bike tour at the North Sea already comes to an end. If you want, you can extend your stay in Husum.