Bike Tour along the Kattegat in Sweden

Bike Tour along the Kattegat in Sweden

Along the Swedish westcoast from Helsingborg to Gothenburg

 Helsingborg – Halmstad – Falkenberg – Kungsbacka – Gothenburg

  • 10,000 blooming rhododendrons, exciting nature reserves, breathtaking landscapes, culinary highlights
  • Daily routes ●●●○○
  • Altitude profile ●●○○○


km / day avg.

On the Kattegatleden, Sweden's first national cycle path, you cycle from Helsingborg to Gothenburg. Your bike tour takes you along the Kattegatt: The straits between Denmark and Sweden, once feared by sea-faring folk. You'll smell the salt from the sea and see the waves breaking on the white beaches. In charming fishing villages and small harbours, you'll find the clocks really do tick more slowly. Kattegatleden is almost perfectly signposted. You'll mostly be off main roads, pedalling through Skåne, Halland and Västra Götaland. On the way on Kattegatleden, you'll get to know the Swedish coast – its long, gently curving beaches but also its wild and stormy side. The space and calm of the Swedish countryside will impress itself upon you along the way. In some sections of the Kattegattleden cycle path you'll be in quite isolated countryside. Your direction – from south to north – means you stand a higher chance of having the wind in your back!

Bike Tour along the Kattegat in Sweden
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  • Start / Destination
    Helsingborg / Gothenburg
  • Duration
    8 days, 7 nights
  • Length
    approx. 380 km
    Daily routes ●●●○○
    between 40 and 95 km, Ø 60 km
    Altitude profile ●●○○○

Day 1: Individual arrival in Helsingborg

The Kattegattleden officially starts in the southern Swedish town of Helsingborg. The long distance cycle path to Gothenburg was opened in 2015. Many of the buildings in the old town of Helsingborg date back to the 12th century. Kärnan Tower, the only remaining edifice of the former town fortifications, still impresses with its massive walls and height of 35 m. Enjoy the views of Öresund from the harbour. Denmark, which can be seen easily from here, is only 4 km as the crow flies.

Day 2: Helsingborg – Ängelhom, approx. 60 km

The first on the Kattegattleden path is at Helsingborg's main station, Knutpunkten. After a short pedal to warm you up along the promenade, you can take your first break: Sofiero Castle with extensive park grounds is on the edge of Helsingborg. 10,000 rhododendrons flower around the castle – a blaze of colour! Back on the bike you follow the Kattegattleden along the coast north. In Höganäs, today artists' retreat, pottery used to be made. Next, you cycle round the rock peninsula of Julla, home to many seals and porpoises. Gaze out at the waves and the rocks – one of those funny animals is bound to wave back out of the water!

Day 3: Ängelhom – Halmstadt, approx. 75-95 km

After you have left Ängelhom, which is around 500 years old, you follow the Kattegattleden signs to continue along the coast. Green fields, bustling villages with idyllic harbours and beaches lie along your path. At Ängelbäck beach you leave the coast to cross the peninsula's hinterland. The cycle path starts to climb. First gradually and later to include some steep sections. When you've done this you'll have completed the highest inclines on the Kattegattleden! The views you get will be a true reward for your efforts. Cycling downhill at speed you soon arrive in the summer town of Båstad. The rest of the section is a pleasant cycle. You leave the Skåne region and cycle along one of Sweden's longest sandy beaches. Further on, you pedal past small bathing resorts and nature reserves to then arrive in Halmstadt.

Day 4: Halmstadt – Falkenberg, approx. 60 km

The famous beach at Tylösänd, which you will cycle past today, stretches 7 km. Take a break and go for a wander along the wild-romantic sandy beach. Next, you follow the coast north. Another place for a lovely walk is the nature reserve at Haverdal. This is where Sweden's highest sand dune is found – which is some 40 m over sea level. The windmill in Särdal can be seen from afar. In the adjacent cafe, there is a nice little shop – a great place for a break. Back on the Kattegattleden path, you continue cycling along the coast. On the way you have simply beautiful views of the sea. Enjoy the wide open space and peace of the Swedish countryside.

Day 5: Falkenberg – Varberg, approx. 40 km

Falkenberg is one of the oldest, medieval towns in the area. Go on a small wander round the town before getting back into the saddle. It's worth it! Your tour takes you on past beaches and bays. Wild geese flap by overhead as you cycle along the Kattegattleden, through small fishing villages. In Träslövsläge, one of these villages, you should definitely make a stop: the freshly cooked lobster here is an absolute treat. Typically, Swedish red wooden houses line your path onwards. On the horizon you'll see Varberg – recognised by its seemingly impenetrable fortress Kallbadhus sauna – well worth visiting! The small town of Varberg will appear almost hectic in comparison to the days you've spent in the quiet, open countryside along the Kattegattleden path.

Day 6: Varberg – Kungsbacka, approx. 60-75 km

On this section you'll notice the countryside changing gradually. While the Kattegattleden path has taken you along long stretches of sandy beach and bays, now the coast gets rockier and more rugged. And you'll see islands out in the sea. Look forward to the impressive Castle Tjolöholm! Built in the Tudor style and surrounded by extensive English-style gardens, you feel as if you've been thrown back in time to 16th century England. After visiting this noble estate, you cycle into the hinterland to today's destination Kungsbacka, a lovely little town.

Day 7: Kungsbacka – Gothenburg, approx. 40-65 km

Back at the coast, you follow signs with the number 1 on them: Kattgattladen cycle path. You go through Särö, which was where the bourgeoisie from Gothenburg used to spend the summer 150 years ago. Next, the Kattegattleden path takes you along the old railway line of the Särö train. It's pleasantly level, and you pedal past cliffs, forests, bays and harbours. After you have passed Stora Amundson island, you arrive in Gothenburg. Sweden's second biggest town is the busy final stop on the Kattegattleden cycle path. And also the final destination of your cycling holiday along Sweden's west coast.

Day 8: Individual departure or extension of stay

The Kattegattleden cycle path ends in Gothenburg and so does your bike tour. Before you leave the Kattegat region, you should plan visiting one of the many coffee houses. The varied and lively coffee house culture in Gothenburg is known all over the world! If you don't want to leave Sweden just yet, we would be happy to extend your stay in Gothenburg.