Bike tour around Lake IJssel

Bike tour around IJsselmeer

The classic tour in Holland

 Harderwijk – Amsterdam – Harderwijk

  • Metropolis Amsterdam, Delphinarium, the National Park De Weeribben, Zuiderzeemuseum
  • Daily routes ●●○○○
  • Altitude profile ●○○○○
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km / day avg.

This bike tour all around the IJsselmeer is one of the most unusual and most popular tours in the Netherlands. Discover an area full of culture and history. You'll become acquainted with old Hanseatic towns and small fishing villages all around this waterway. Following level paths, you cycle at a leisurely pace through the quiet expansive countryside, which is a veritable paradise for cyclists with its many mills and dykes. On your way there are many sights to behold such as the national park, "De Weerribben" and the water town of Monnickendam. Amsterdam is definitely one of the highlights of your bike tour around the IJsselmeer. The colourful metropolis has a lot to offer: in addition to its dykes and bridges there are many museums, parks and historic buildings. The locals welcome you, sometimes in traditional costume in the smaller villages, sometimes mondain in the larger cities. People are always friendly here and have a few culinary delicacies up their sleeves for you. Try some typical Dutch meals such as Snert, Stamppot and Poffertjes and make sure your bike tour around the IJsselmeer will be an unforgettable experience.

Bike tour around IJsselmeer
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  • Start / Destination
  • Duration
    9 days / 8 nights
  • Length
    approx. 305 / 310 km
    Daily routes ●●○○○
    between 30 and 65 km, Ø 45 km
    Altitude profile ●○○○○
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    Local cooperation partner

Day 1: Individual arrival in Harderwijk

Use the remaining time in Harderwijk for a wander through the Medieval Hanseatic town. You'll discover the Late Gothic Church of Our Lady, the picturesque town gate and the small tower, dating back to the 17th century. Or you can visit the large Delphinarium and see dolphins, seals and walruses right up close.

Day 2: Harderwijk – Bussum / Naarden, approx. 50 – 55 km

Now it's time to hop into the saddle. The ride today is leisurely passing expansive, flat moorland in Arkemheen-Eemland national park, which features some very unusual vegetation. In Huizen, it's worth visiting the Costume and Fishery museum, before you reach the pretty town of Naarden in the green region of Gooi. The fortress town takes a star shape and will amaze you with its historic buildings and monuments.

Day 3: Bussum / Naarden – Amsterdam, approx. 30 km

Your bike tour around the IJsselmeer now takes you to Muiden, where you can visit the beautifully unspoiled water castle. Back on your bike, you soon reach Amsterdam. Have a great time enjoying this unique colourful metropolis. Go on a pleasant boat trip on the dykes, walk through Vondelpark or the city centre. Enjoy the special, lively atmosphere of the town in a great restaurant.

Day 4: Amsterdam – Volendam, approx. 30 km  

With a fresh breeze in your face, you will find out today why Holland is considered a paradise for cyclists: The level path winds through lush green moorscapes with views of wave upon wave of the sparkling blue water. Discover these former Hanseatic towns and little fishing villages. You get to Volendam over the dyke. The residents of this pretty little village still often wear their traditional Dutch costumes.

Day 5: Volendam – Enkhuizen, approx. 45 km   

What would The Netherlands be without its famous cheese? That's why you have to visit the cheese market in Edam and the old store houses, where you can, of course, try some of this popular cheese. Fortified, you cycle on to the former Hanseatic town of Hoorn, with its magnificent monuments, and then on to Enkhuizen. This picturesque little town has a lot to offer: historic buildings, a lovely harbour and the Zuiderzeemuseum. You decide how you would like to spend the rest of the day in Enkhuizen.

Day 6: Enkhuizen – Lemmer, approx. 40 km + ferry crossing

Today's section of your bike tour around the IJsselmeer starts with a relaxing ferry trip (not included in price). You disembark in Stavoren and feel the nostalgic charm of this old Frisian town. Next, you pedal along quiet paths passing woods and meadows along the dyke. Lemmer, thanks to its location right on IJssel Lake and its lovely beach, is a popular spot for swimming and watersports. Do you fancy jumping in for a dip?

Day 7: Lemmer – Zwartsluis / Kampen, approx. 65 km

Your first destination on this section is the National Park De Weeribben, whose marshlands are home to many fish and water birds. Through moorland, you cycle at a leisurely pace to Blokzijl, a pretty little village with a historic harbour. Zwartsluis, which, when translated, means Black Lock, used to be the transit harbour for peat. You'll find over 500 monuments in the Hanseatic town of Kampen. Go for a wander through the old Hanseatic town.

Day 8: Zwartsluis / Kampen – Harderwijk, approx. 45 km

You reach Elburg along the dam. Explore this small, old fishing village with its quiet streets and the old town wall. Go on a tour in a "botter" - the traditional sailing ships, which used to be used for fishing. Your bike tour around the IJsselmeer takes you through wild, romantic heaths back to Harderwijk, where you spend your last night.

Day 9: Individual journey home or extension of stay

Breakfast marks the end of your bike tour around the IJsselmeer. Don't forget to pack up all your lovely memories as you set off back home. We would be happy to extend your stay in the Netherlands if you wish.