Baltic Coast Cycling Holiday

Baltic Coast Cycling Holiday

Rostock, the wild romantic Darss and Stralsund

 Rostock – Darss peninsula – Island of Hiddensee  Stralsund

  • Radweg-Reisen Tour
  • 3 nights on the Darss right at the beach: Time for west and north-beach!
  • High standard hotels!
  • Included: boat trips and relaxation days!
  • Daily routes ●●○○○
  • Altitude profile ●●○○○


km / day avg.

What makes a cycling holiday on the Darss peninsula so special? You stay in comfortable, higher quality hotels, perfect for finding peace and tranquillity. The route sections are kept relaxed and short. You spend three nights on the Darss peninsula in a hotel right next to the beach. This means that you don't have to be cycling every day if you don't want to. After your baltic coast cycling holiday on the Darss peninsula you will be telling everyone about it, especially because of the beaches: at the beach in Warnemünde, the widest on the Baltic Coast, don't forget to take a photo of the lighthouse and the pavilion - the famous teapot! On the Darss peninsula you can expect to see the west and north beaches, which couldn't be more different. The wild romantic, fine sandy-white west beach forms the edge to a landscape of gnarled trees, sculpted by the wind. On the north beach, though, you'll feel like you've been whisked off to the South Seas: shallow, clear water and the white sands of an expansive beach. At the peninsula, you can also go on a tour of the idyllic, calm Bodden. The carfree island, Hiddensee, which you get to explore on the last day of your holiday, has 14 km of beaches for you, all of which could be featured on colourful Baltic Coast postcards. It's always hard to bid Darss farewell at the end of a holiday here.

Baltic Coast Cycling Holiday
  • Booking code
  • Start / Destination
    Rostock / Stralsund
  • Duration
    8 days, 7 nights
  • Length
    approx. 185 km
    Daily routes ●●○○○
    between 35 and 55 km, Ø 45 km
    Altitude profile ●●○○○

Day 1: Individual arrival in Rostock / Warnemünde

Your cycling holiday on the Darss peninsula begins in the old Hanseatic town of Rostock. Plan your arrival so as to give you plenty of time to be inspired by the charm of this old Hanseatic town. Warnemünde, a sophisticated resort on the Baltic Coast is particularly known for its wide, fine sandy beach and its landmark: the old lighthouse and the teapot, the 90-year-old name given to the round tea pavilion for over 90 years.

Day 2: Warnemünde – Wustrow / Ahrenshoop, approx. 55 / 40 km + ferry trip

Your first section is about to begin! Before you cross by ferry in Warnemünde (not included), you should visit the lighthouse. Built of red brick with green stripes, it has a very distinctive look. The climb of 135 steps is rewarded by the view at the top! After the crossing, go and have a look at the Marine Science Centre. From the sundeck of the boat, you can watch the comings and goings of a lot of seals! Via Graal-Müritz you pedal to Wustrow on the Fischland peninsula. Shortly before you reach this idyllic place, you cycle via the narrowest part of this strip of land - only 100 m between the rough Baltic and the gentle Bodden.

Day 3: Explore the Darss peninsula

Enjoy having ample time to explore the Fischland and Darss peninsulas. Walk along the 3 km bank which falls down some 18 m to the Baltic. Some of the countryside is truly stunning and reveals the power behind the waves of the Baltic. The wild romantic west beach on the Darss is constantly changing, influenced as it is by wind and weather. Trees that "flee the wind" are how they are referred to here. They have defied storms for many decades. Their austere branches "flee" from the storms of the Baltic Sea. Have a look around: between the abstract driftwood and tree roots, you might catch sight of a piece of amber, sparkling in the sun.

Day 4: Cruise on the Bodden and trip to Darss town, approx. 50 km

Your cycling holiday on the Darss peninsula takes you through the Vorpommern Boddenlandschaft National Park, which stretches over the Darss. Darss forest, which covers the north west of the peninsula, has been growing for decades, untouched by human kind. Enjoy the peace and idyll here of this unspoiled countryside; it can only be explored by bike, foot or horse and cart. In Prerow, a nostalgic steamer awaits you for your circular tour of the Bodden. The calm waters relax - what a contrast to the rough beauty of the west beach!

Day 5: Wustrow region – Zingst / Barth, approx. 35 km + boat trip

Having explored the north west of the Darss yesterday, today you cycle along the southern part, on the edge of the Bodden. Your target is Zingst, the eastern end of the peninsula Fischland-Darss-Zingst. In this idyllic place are many thatched houses with colourfully painted doorframes - the so-called Darss doors. You cross over to Barth by boat. Some people claim that the legendary town of Vineta which sank into the Baltic used to be before Barth.

Day 6: Barth – Stralsund, approx. 45 km

Your cycling holiday takes you past small bays, shallow waters and reedbeds and salt meadows. Between forests and fields you can always stop for a break at any of the crane observation points. On this section to what used to be the most powerful and richest Hanseactic town - Stralsund - you can explore the Günzer Bird Meadows. You cycle through orchards and unspoiled nature. The three towers of Stralsund are easily visible on the horizon.

Day 7: Excursion to the island of Hiddensee

The clock ticks differently on Hiddensee! Cars are forbidden here. To get around you have to go by foot, bike or horse and cart. Hectic is an unknown concept. On the crossing enjoy a special view of the hustle and bustle in Stralsund from the water. On Hiddensee, a sparkling mound of treasure awaits you: gold and silver pieces from the Viking era were carried to the coast by the sea and are now exhibited in the museum. If you like, you can spend the entire day at the beach: covering some 14 km, enjoy the long white sandy beaches. Time simply flies!

Day 8: Individual departure

Today, your Baltic Coast cycling holiday on the Darss peninsula ends in Stralsund. Use the time before your individual departure to explore Stralsund some more: Wertheim Kaufhaus or the town hall are reminders of the town's era as a powerful Hanseatic town. If you didn't manage to do so yesterday, visit the Oceanium or the Gorch Fock I.