B2B information regarding Coronavirus

As of 09.06.2020

Currently the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an important topic around Europe. On this page we want to inform you about how we are handling the situation.

The situation we are in can change abruptly, so we are monitoring everything closely. As no one can safely predict how the situation will turn out, we have compiled the most important information together with answers to frequently asked questions regarding the B2B area.

New bookings

  • Following cycling holidays are currently possible. They can also be booked short notice:

    - Baltic Sea Coast, North Sea Coast and hinterland (Schleswig-Holstein as well as Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)

    In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern hotels are only allowed to take in bookings up to a capacity of 60%. Therefore many dates are already fully booked. Please use our availability link to find bookable dates early for your guests. 

    Alternatively we recommend our cycling holidays in Schleswig-Holstein as well as the tours through the hinterland of Mecklenburg: 
    Baltic Sea from Lübeck to Flensburg, Holstein Switzerland, Baltic Sea and Old Salt Route.

    - Bavaria/Franconia: Main Cycle Path, Altmühl Cycle Path, Danube, 5 Rivers Cycle Path and all of the other non border crossing tours. 

    - Neckar Cycle Path: Constance Donaueschingen Tübingen Heidelberg
  • Regarding cross-border tours and cycling holidays outisde of Germany we accept new booking for arrivals starting 15.06.2020 as follows: 

    - Lake Constance Cycle path

    - Rhine (Alpine Rhine, High Rhine, Upper Rhine to Offenburg)

    - Switzerland 
  • For Croatia we accept new booking for arrivals starting 01.07.2020.

Regarding existing bookings

  • Due to the current restrictions on public life and the closed borders we are postponing the 2020 Radweg-Reisen cycling season for all cross-border tours until 14.06.2020. 
  • All cycling holidays within Germany without border crossing are possible and have been carried out since 01.06.2020.
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