Cycling holiday along Mosel, Saar and Lahn

Cycling holiday along Mosel and Saar

Cycling holiday along Mosel and Saar

Luscious green vineyards, delicate timber-framework and impressive Roman ruins – these are your companions on your cycling holiday along the Mosel. Not only wine enthusiasts will find what they are seeking. Culture and history are entwined with each and every kilometre. You pedal along well developed paths and will hardly encounter a single hill. Our most popular cycling holiday along the Mosel goes from Trier to Koblenz at the so-called German Corner.

Wine culture is the focus of our wine tour cycling holiday. From one idyllic vineyard to the next - you cycling along the curves of this lovely slow-moving river. A cycling holiday on the Mosel is not just a relaxing time during the grape harvest.

Cycling holidays along the Lahn

The River Lahn is considered a real insider among bike tourists!

From Marburg, the old university town, follow the Lahn along well developed paths to the Rhine estuary. You'll be amazed at the seven towers of the cathedral in Limburg and the 18th century spa in Bad Ems. The expansive green meadows in the valley along the Lahn are gradually replaced by high mountains between Taunus and Westerwald. Old, crooked timber-framed houses, Baroque churches and historic guesthouses accompany you on your cycling holiday on the Lahn. Just before your destination, where the Lahn flows into the Rhine, make a slight detour to the Lorelei and its rocks, shrouded in legend.

You begin your cycling holiday on Mosel and Saar in Saarburg. The route takes you past the famous Saar Bend. Here it looks like the river has changed its direction! The Saar and Mosel are your companions from Saarburg via Trier to Koblenz on this cycling holiday. Over the vineyards you will sometimes see old ruined castles, telling tales of a distant past.

If you want to do without having to pack your suitcase every day, start your daily cycle trips from Trier. You can pedal to Luxembourg, to the Saar Bend or to well-known vine villages such as Neumagen-Dhron and Bernkastel-Kues on idyllic cycling tours from Porta Nigra.

Out and about by bike and boat, your luggage is always nearby on board and you don't have all that annoying packing to do. Get to know both Saar and Mosel – not just alongside the rivers – but from the water – for an extra-special experience.