Homeoffice at Radweg-Reisen

In light of recent events we have decided to operate our offices at a bare minimum and will mainly work from at home. For this reason we won’t be as easy to reach by telephone as usual, but we will continue to be available to the best of our ability.

The easiest way to contact us is via Email at info [at] radweg-reisen.com. We will take care of your requests and call you back if necessary. Please be patient with us if your requests take a few days longer to process.

We have answered the most frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19  and the planning of your bicycle tour on our website. Maybe you have even found the answer to your question here already.


We are just as sad, that the cycling season 2020 won’t be starting as usual. But we are sure that we will be able to hold the 2020 cycling season!

We are looking forward to your trip and many great cycling holiday moments in the 2020 season.