Information regarding the Coronavirus

Currently, the Corona virus (COVID-19) is a major topic in Europe and unsettles many, not only in travel planning. We take your worries and concerns seriously. We want to inform you on this page how we deal with the current developments.

Your health is very important to us - that is why we are following the developments in Europe with great attention. We are in close contact with our local operators and thus receive reliable first-hand information. After all, we want you to have a worry-free cycling trip!

There is no question that Covid-19 will still be a determining factor in 2021. Nevertheless, we expect that the situation will slowly but steadily ease from now onwards, and that vaccinations and warmer weather will gradually lead to more predictability returning to our lives.

Update from 7 May 2021

Due to the current situation, we have postponed our start of the season for tours organized by Radweg-Reisen in the following regions to May 29:

  • Denmark
  • Lake Constance
  • German Danube
  • Neckar & Black Forest (booking codes NE-**)
  • Switzerland
  • Baltic Sea (except for trips that spent the nights exclusively in Schleswig-Holstein)

Should your holiday be affected, we will get in touch with you. This also applies if our partners should change the start of their season.

For the following regions, the start of the season currently remains May 22:

  •     Baltic Sea (tours which exclusively stay overnight in Schleswig-Holstein)
  •     Bavaria (tours which exclusively stay overnight in Bavaria)

We hope that travelling will be possible again afterwards.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty, understanding and trust!

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What should you consider before booking your trip?

You would like to book your cycling vacation now and benefit from the early booking discount, but you are afraid of disadvantages compared to a later booking?

Don't worry: for all tours organized by us and for all bike tours - except bike & boat - that are operated by one of our sister companies, we offer you the possibility of a free rebooking within 2021 or to any other bike tour from our 2021 program until 30 days before arrival. Until May 31th, 2021 and without you having to give us a reason.

This free rebooking option applies to the following countries and regions:

  • Germany:
    Lake Constance (booking codes BO-**), all of Baden-Württemberg (booking codes DO-**, NE-**, RH-**), all of Bavaria (booking codes BY-**, SO-**), Moselle (booking codes SW-MO**), Lahn (booking codes SW-LA**), Rhein (booking codes SW-RH**), Weser (booking codes NW-WS**), Elbe (booking codes NO-EL**), Werra & Fulda (booking codes NW-FD**, NW-WR**), North Sea (booking codes OS-NO**, NW-NO**), Baltic Sea (booking codes OS-**)
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • France: Elsass, Loire, Provence, Rhone, Canal du Midi
  • Italy: most trips in northern Italy and Tuscany - please contact us
  • Netherlands: IJsselmeer
  • Spanin & Portugal: Mallorca & Madeira

Have you already booked a trip?

  • If there is an official travel warning for the region of your cycling trip (e.g. by the German Foreign Office or the Robert Koch Institute or corresponding authorities in your home country), we will contact you. In this case, you can rebook or cancel the trip to a later date or to another destination free of charge.
  • If it is not possible for you to reach your booked destination due to entry or exit restrictions (e.g. because you live in the USA and are not allowed to leave the country without an important reason), you can also rebook your booked trip to a later date or cancel it free of charge.
    Please be sure to contact us in advance to avoid any unnecessary costs.
  • If there is no official travel warning for the region of your cycling trip, our regular cancellation and rebooking policies apply. We will handle rebookings to later dates within the season as accommodatingly as possible in justified individual cases. For many trips, we offer you a free rebooking option in 2021 in deviation from our travel conditions. If necessary, please contact us in advance so that we can find a solution together with you and avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Since no one can foresee the further development and changes occur at short notice, we kindly ask you to wait if your travel date is more than two weeks in the future.
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