Information regarding the Coronavirus

Currently the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a major topic in Europe and many people are concerned about it, not only in terms of planning their holidays. We take your worries and concerns seriously. On this page we want to inform you about how we deal with the current developments.

Your health is important to us – and for this reason we are monitoring the development in Europe very closely. We are in close contact with our local partners and always receive verified information first hand. After all, we want to enable you to go on your holiday without having to worry about anything.

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Do you have any questions concerning while planning your trip?

  • If you want to book a trip on short notice, please inform yourself about possible warnings and incidents in the area in advance.
    The best sources for this are the renowned Robert Koch institute, the WHO, and the foreign office. We will obviously also inform you if there is a warning issued for the region you are travelling to. The currently valid global travel warning issued by the German Foreign Office will probably soon be replaced by regional travel warnings. 
  • Following trips are currently possible. They can also be booked at short notice: 
    - Baltic Sea coast and hinterland (Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)
    - North Sea coast, Northern Germany (Weser, Ems, Münsterland, Brandenburg, Thüringen, Saxony)
    - Elbe between Dresden/Bad Schandau and Hamburg/Cuxhaven
    - Main, Altmühl, Danube
    - Moselle (except cross-border tours)
    - Neckar, Middle Rhine Valley, Lahn
    - Bavaria (except cross-border tours)
  • For cross-border cycling tours and trips outside Germany we accept new bookings for journeys departing from 15.06.2020 onwards as follows:
    - Lake Constance
    - Rhine (Alpine Rhine, High Rhine, Upper Rhine to Offenburg, Middle Rhine)
    - Switzerland
    - Austria (including Danube to Vienna)
    - Alpe-Adria cycle path
  • For some destinations (e.g. Spain, Italy and France) and types of travel (e.g. bike & boat) different later dates apply, according to our current estimate 01.07.2020.

Have you already booked a trip?

  • Should an official travel warning be issued for the region of your trip (e.g. by the foreign office, the Robert Koch institute, or your corresponding government agency), we will contact you. In this case you can cancel the trip or rebook to a later date in 2020 or 2021 or to a different destination free of charge. 
  • If travelling to the country you booked your trip in is not possible for you due to restrictions on admission to said country, or because of restrictions on leaving your country (e.g. because you live in Italy and are not allowed to leave the country without an important reason), you can also cancel your trip or rebook it to a later date in 2020 free of charge.
    Please contact us beforehand to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • If there is no official travel warning issued for the region of your trip, our regular cancellation and rebooking policies apply. We will try to handle reasonable individual cases of rebookings to a later date in 2020 as fairly as possible. Please contact us as soon as possible, so that we can find a solution together and avoid unnecessary costs. 
  • Because no one can predict the further development and sudden changes can occur, if your travel date lies more than 4 weeks ahead of now we kindly ask you to wait and see what happens.
  • Due to the the  closing of borders and the global travel warning valid until 14.06.2020 we are postponing the 2020 season for all border crossing Radweg-Reisen Tours until 14.06.2020. E.g.
    - Lake Constance
    - Black Forest
    - Rhine
    - Switzerland

    Cycling holidays within Germany have been taking place since 01.06.2020, e.g.
    - in Bavaria: Main Cycle Path, Altmühl Cycle Path, Danube Cycle Path, Franconia, Allgäu, and so on. 
    - in Baden-Württemberg: Neckar Cycle Path, Danube Cycle Path, Kocher Jagst Cycle Path, and so on. 
    - in Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Baltic Sea Cycle Path, North Sea Cycle Path, and so on. 
  • For cycling holidays that we organize in cooperation with local partners, different dates may apply. 
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