Cycling Holidays in Holland and Belgium

Cycling holidays in The Netherlands & Belgium

Is there any other country more suited for cycling than Holland? Colourfully painted windmills stand alongside idyllic canals, cows graze peacefully on green dyke land and picturesque little towns duck down behind the dykes. The Netherlands are the place to go for friends of the flats, canals and Holland bicycles. The sea is never very far away – sand, sea and waves as far as the eye can see. A cycling holiday in Holland is also great because of the intersection system. Instead of signs with place names, cyclists will find numbered stones and posts.

Flanders, the Flemish part of Belgium doesn't belong to The Netherlands, but they are closely connected in terms of language and history. A cycling holiday in Belgium is a tour for pleasure-cyclists and gourmets! The proximity to France can be tasted in the lovingly prepared meals. And of course Belgian beer, chips and chocolate are rightly famous all over the world. A cycling holiday in Belgium is a tour full of the spice of life and packed with charming old towns.

The most popular cycling holiday in Holland, the route around Lake Yssel takes you past pretty houses in traditional old trading towns and to the town of Edam, famous for its cheese. This tour is perfect for families, beginners and culture vultures! Friends of the North Sea coast and Dutch culture will also spend happy days here.

Breathe in the salty clear air of the North Sea as you take a ferry to the Frisian islands. A cycling holiday through the proud province of Frisia is just wonderful for North Sea enthusiasts. Are you looking for a little more excitement and you've always wanted to hire a yacht? Our bike and yacht tours are nothing for couch potatoes: Aboard magnificent sailing boats you get to help the crew too. Especially slightly older children will love this cycling holiday!

The classic cruise boats are less adventurous but provide more comfort. The province of Holland, coursed with dykes and canals, is just perfect for a bike & boat trip. Your bike & boat tour in northern Holland will be spent with delicious food and relaxing cycling tours. You can, of course, explore the province of Holland on a classic style cycling holiday too. Unwind as you pedal through this level landscape, alongside beaches and visit historic old towns.

Brügge and Amsterdam are two highlights on your cycling holiday in Holland and Belgium. You can do the cycling holiday between Brügge and Amsterdam as a classic bike tour, an easy-going bike & boat holiday on a river boat or on the MS Magnifique.

You will be able to explore beautiful towns such as Brügge, Gent and Antwerpen on your cycling holiday in Belgium. The climax is Brussels with its international flair as the capital city of Europe. In between you have lovely countryside, level ground and sandy North Sea beaches. Either as a cycling holiday from hotel to hotel or by bike & boat: The cycling tours from Brussels to Brügge through Flander's historic cities of the arts is definitely to be recommended!