Cycling holidays in Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt

Memorial of Goethe and Schiller in Weimar

Want to get up early? Learn the Saxon dialect? And the local traditions and customs? On a cycling holiday in Saxony, Thuringia or Saxony-Anhalt that's all possible? Between Altmark, Thuringia Forest, the Ore Mountains and Niederlausitz, varied countryside and an area full of time-honoured traditions beckon! Experience the historic towns of Dresden, Weimar or Wittenberg. Mountain ranges, riverside meadows and lakes meet Baroque castles, medieval forest and imposing dams. A well-developed network of cycle paths is something every cyclist looks forward to. And there's nothing to get in the way of an unforgettable and varied cycling holiday.

A classic German cycle path is the Elbe cycle path. Starting in the Czech Bohemian Mountains, the path takes cyclists right to the North Sea. The sections between Prague and Dessau are particularly pretty. Along the Elbe cycle path from Prague and Dresden, you will get to see a diverse habitat for animals and plants and simply fantastic landscapes. Experience the bizarre tors of Elbe sandstone, the majestic Königstein fort and the castle ensemble at Pillnitz. Without wanting to exaggerate, Dresden is a true work of art. Zwinger Palace and the Green Vaults, the Semper Opera and the Blaues Wunder bridge, picturesque slopes down to the river Elbe and Brühlsche Terrace - Dresden at its best! Karl May fans should stop in Radebeul on their way to Dessau. In Meissen, we can recommend a visit to the world famous porcelain manufacture. Stop on the way in one of the traditional wine cellars along the Saxon wine route and watch some of the ships from the oldest fleet of steamers in the world.

Treat yourself, at the end of an eventful day, to a glass of white wine from the Saale-Unstrut region or from the Elb valley near Dresden. And don't forget something tasty to go with it! Thuringian grilled sausages and potato dumplings, Quarkkeulchen pancakes or a Saxon bacon sauce. For dessert, try a piece of Dresden Eierschecke cake and ä Schälchn Heeßn (a hot cup of coffee!).

Saale, Unstrut and Ilm - three rivers with riverside cycle paths that are still quite an insider's tip! On the Saale cycle path, you'll see not only romantic castles and forest but also impressive dams and the magnificent Saale canyon. The towns of Saalfeld, Jena, Naumburg, Halle (Saale) and Magdeburg invite you to visit and see their many sights. Fancy a fairy grotto in Saalfeld, the planetarium in Jena or Naumburger cathedral - there's a lot to see. Close to Naumburg, the Unstrut flows into the Saale. Thanks to the mild climate, this region has the northernmost wine-growing area in Europe. On our circular tour round Saale and Unstrut, you set off in Weimar - charming in terms of both culture and countryside - the town of German classic. Weimar is known especially for its many poets, philosophers and artists. Goethe once said that it is in Weimar where "all the streets begin, wending their way to all four corners of the world". You'll encounter Weimar again along the Ilmtal cycle path. The leisurely paced Ilm is lovely to cycle along, taking you through charming and geologically varied countryside. Around the Ilm, many castles and palaces, as well as parks that shape the landscape, mills and churches await your visit.

"The more focused my thoughts become about leaving Dresden, the more difficult I find it to leave," said Carl Maria von Weber. You might find yourself thinking the same thing when your seven-day star tour around Dresden comes to an end. This Baroque town is a perfect starting place for tours of the surrounding area. Visit the porcelain town of Meissen, Castle Moritzburg, which was commissioned by August the Strong, the Gate to Saxon Switzerland, Pirna, and Kamenz, birth-town to Lessing. Dresden is also a perfect starting place for cycling to Potsdam. Following the Elbe cycle path via Torgau and Riesa, you cycle through the Luther town of Wittenbuerg into the state of Brandenburg. From Florence on the Elbe to the Versailles of the North - as these towns are sometimes known!

In the east part of Germany, along the Niesse, the Oder-Neisse cycle path takes you to the Baltic. Green Neisse meadows, peaceful pine forests and sunny yellow fields of rape accompany your route north. Admire the Baroque estate at Zittaus, Germany's most eastern town, Görlitz, and Fürst-Pückler Park in Bad Muskau.

Springing from Thuringia's slate mountains, the Werra winds its way along the cycle path to Lower Saxony. Once you've reached Lower Saxony, the Werra cycle path has a lot to offer. It wends prettily through Thuringia forest and Rhön. Meiningen, in the upper Werra valley, invites you to visit its castle, Elisabethenburg. In the spa town of Bad Salzungen, you can take a break from the pedals and relax in the  salt baths before continuing on to the German-German border the next day.