Cycling holidays in Hesse

Cycling holidays in Hesse

"There's no getting round Hesse" – is the slogan of Hesse's image campaign! This applies primarily to motorised traffic, but also to the well-developed network of cycle paths here in the heart of Germany. Passing the low hills of Taunus, Spessart, Rhön and Knüll, the many rivers - both large and small - wend their way through Hesse's countryside. We'd like to point out the waterways, Lahn, Fulda, Werra, a small section of the Weser, the Main and the Rhine, which turn a cycling holiday in Hesse into a truly varied experience.

The heart of the 245 kilometre long river Lahn flows through Hesse. Passing unspoiled nature, culturally historic sights and varied countryside, the area has everything a cyclist is looking for in terms of a relaxing cycling holiday in Hesse. Along the Lahn, visit the castle in the university town of Marburg, the cathedral in Wetzlar - a Goethe town - then the fairytale castle of Braunfels or Limburg Castle and its romantic historic quarter.

Romance is what you'll find along the Fulda. The river originates on the south slopes of Wasserkuppe mountain - Hesse's highest - and wends its way past bizarre basalt formations, blooming meadows and forests, with the cycle path always at its side. Medieval, pretty little towns such as Rotenburg and Melsungen wait to be explored. Discover the sights in the documenta town of Kassel, the spa and festival town of Bad Hersfeld and a pearl of Baroque - Fulda.

Another highlight of a cycling holiday in Hesse in the River Werra. In addition to charming countryside with a beautiful mountain backdrop or "Monte Kali" which can be seen from afar - a slag heap from potash salt production - the Werra is lined with residential towns, spa resorts, castles and old timber-framed little towns.

The Fulda and Werra rivers meet in Hann. They merge to a kiss at Weserstein and then feed into the Weser. Beyond Hesse's borders, the Weser promises relaxation and tranquillity all the way to where it flows into the North Sea. The Weser river initially takes you through Weserbergland into an region rich in history with palaces and castles, coupled with green fields and meadows.

In the south of Hesse, you can cycle along the Main which takes you into the heart of the Rhine-Main area to where it flows into the Rhine at Mainz. Around 80 of the 530 kilometre-long river Main flow through Hesse. The area all the way up to the estuary is wonderfully green. See Isenburg Castle in Offenbach, the skyscrapers in the finance metropolis of Frankfurt am Main or Mainz cathedral.

In the south-west of Hesse, the Rhine winds along the border to Rhineland-Palatinate for some 107 kilometres. This section of the Rhine cycle path takes you along part of the Upper and Middle Rhine. Enjoy your stay in Rheingau, admire the Lorelei rocks, shrouded in legend, and visit the time-honoured Wiesbaden with its 15 thermal and mineral springs.

Good food is also a great part of a cycling holiday in Hesse! Try an "ahle Worscht" (pork sausage), Handkäs mit Muisk (cheese and cider) or Grie Soß (green herb sauce) which is traditionally served with potatoes and boiled eggs. A refreshing glass of apple-wine is a must. Cheers!