Boat and Bike in Flanders

Boat and Bike in Flanders

From Bruges to Brussels on MS Gandalf

  • Bruges – Brussels / Brussels – Bruges
  • full board
  • guided cycling tours!
  • Daily routes ●○○○○
  • Altitude profile ●○○○○
  • New Boat 2019!
  • Bike & Boat MS Gandalf


km / day avg.

The much admired attraction of the Belgian region of Flanders has much to do with its many contrasts – in the small villages times seems to have come to a standstill, whereas in the lively metropolises of Bruges, Ghent and Brussels time seems like it couldn't pass any quicker. During the course of this holiday by bicycle and ship you will experience the attractions of Flanders both large and small. The cycle routes will lead you through popular-lined avenues and along old canals. Your ship will be a constant companion along the route. In the large cities of Flanders, testaments to the rich history of the cities await you along with art masterworks, unique architecture, as well as the particular delicacies of Belgium: French fries, beer and chocolate.

The starting point will either be Bruges or Brussels. Available dates will be displayed in the booking form.

This Bike & Boat holiday is fully booked for 2019

Unfortunately bookings can no longer be taken for this holiday for the 2019 season. Our Bike & Boat holidays are often booked out very early.
But don't give up! You're sure to find alternatives. And we're very happy to help you do so!

Boat and Bike in Flanders

Brief Information

  • Booking codes
    Bruges – Brussels – BE-FLSGG-08G
    Brussels – Bruges – BE-FLSGS-08G
  • Start / Destination
    Bruges / Brussels
  • Duration
    8 days, 7 nights
  • Length
    approx. 270 km
    Daily routes ●○○○○
    between 40 and 55 km, Ø 45 km
    Altitude profile ●○○○○
  • Parking information
    Attended parking at Stationsplein (Central Station / Hauptbahnhof Bruges), cost: approx. 5-7 € per day. Take a cab from central station to the shipping pier, cost approx. 15 €.
    Unattended, free-of-charge parking at Ringstraße (nearby the shipping pier), only limited space available.
    Attended Park & Ride at Gare du Nord station, cost: approx. 15-20 € per day (approx. 6 km away from the shipping pier).Take a cap from the station to the shipping pier, cost approx. 20-50 €.
    No reservation possible through Radweg-Reisen.
  • Return journey to Bruges / Brussels
    With the train on own initiative, departures at least hourly, direct connections.
  • Minimum number of participants
    The minimum number of 15 participants must be reached 21 days prior to the arrival date.
    Changes to boat trips due to weather, water levels or technical conditions are possible; the right to change is reserved.
  • Tour operated by
    Local cooperation partner

Your cruiser: MS Gandalf

You will be warmly welcomed aboard the river cruiser MS Gandalf by your skipper. The relatively small number of guests on board makes it very easy to get chatting! The two sundecks provide a lot of space. Solar panels are attached to the double roof, which store sunlight during the day. This means that the generator doesn't need to run at night and your sleep will not be disturbed.

MS Gandalf

MS Gandalf

MS Gandalf


MS Gandalf, Saloon

MS Gandalf


MS Gandalf, Cabin
city, Bruges
city view, Bruges

Day 1: Individual arrival in Bruges

Bruges is sometimes referred to as Venice of the North and is a UNESCO world heritage site due to its status as art and museum town. Explore the rich history of what is possibly the most beautiful town in Flanders. Your ship awaits you at 15.00 at the harbour.

houses, Damme
houses in Damme

Day 2: Round trip around Bruges, approx. 55 km

You will start your round trip in Bruges and cycle to Damme, the alleged birthplace of Till Eulenspiegel, a famous prankster in German folklore tales. From here you will cycle to the North Sea coast: a 12 kilometre long sandy beach, cosy cafés and the beautiful dune landscape of the Het Zwin nature reserve await you there. You will then cycle back to Bruges along a small canal.


boat, Ghent
boating in Ghent

Day 3: Bruges – Moerebrugge (by boat), Moerebrugge – Ghent-Merelbeke, approx. 40 km

Today you will cycle along the Bruges-Ghent Canal through the provinces West and East Flanders. In Vinderhoute you will board the ship again and sail to Ghent. Small villages and fields characterize the region, which used to be the centre of the textile industry. Today Flanders has managed to establish a modern service sector. Today´s destination is Ghent, which is an old mercantile city. Your boat is docked at the Merelbeke lock, which is about 30 minutes by bike from the old town. 


Grote Markt, Dendermonde
Grote Markt in Dendermonde

Day 4: Ghent – Dendermonde, approx. 50 km, Dendermonde – Sint Amands (by boat)

In the morning you will explore the car-free historical town centre of Ghent by foot and by bike. From there you will cycle further to Dendermonde. The pretty provincial town has a market-place worth seeing and an ancient Beguine Convent. Today you will sail along a curvy stretch of the river Scheldt to Sint Amands.

Brabo-Fountain, Antwerp
Brabo-Fountain in Antwerp

Day 5: Sint Amands – Antwerp, approx. 45 km

You will cycle through meadows towards the Brussels-Rupel-Canal. Here you will cycle through an historic area renowned for its brickworks, where bricks have been produced since the middle ages and continue to be produced. You will then reach the Scheldt River and will soon reach the city of Antwerp which is famous for its diamond trade. You should not miss the opportunity to see The Grote Markt.

clock tower, Lier
clock tower in Lier

Day 6: Antwerp – Willebroek, approx. 45 km

Take a little stroll through Antwerp, which experienced its first heyday as textile city, then was the richest trading town of the 16th century, but lost its significance due to the prohibition of shipping on the river Scheldt in 1648, the time of the Peace of Westphalia. Then you will cycle to Lier, which has a clock tower worth-seeing and from there along the river Nete until you reach today´s destination.

church in Vilvoorde
church in Vilvoorde

Day 7: Willebroek – Vilvoorde, approx. 40 km, Vilvoorde – Brussels (by boat)

The last stage of your cycle tour remains rural, but is slightly more hilly. Quiet villages and grand country estates line your way. Then you will reach the charming city Mechelen. From Vilvoorde you will sail to Brussels. This metropolis isn’t just the heart of the country and the capital of the ancient duchy Brabant, but also one of the headquarters of the European Union.

Grand Place, Brussels
Grand Place in Brussels

Day 8: Individual departure

After breakfast your boat and bike tour in Flanders ends. Disembarkation until 9.30 and your return journey home will take place.